‘RHONY’ Star Jules Wainstein’s Dirty Divorce Details Spilled By An Unlikely Source, She Is ‘Devastated’

Jules Wainstein wasn’t prepared for this.

The Real Housewives of New York star surprised everyone with her divorce from Michael Wainstein in June. In a shocking twist, Michael’s mistress is now going public with the divorce details.

According to Radar Online, Michael’s mistress, Elyse Bensusan, just filed for divorce from her husband, Tsion Bensusan.

Tsion decided to end his marriage because his wife was cheating on him with Michael.

“Yes it’s true,” Tsion revealed. “But I don’t want to comment on anything.”

Rumors of Michael’s affair were thought to have been the root cause of the divorce. However, until now, the reports had not been confirmed.

Tsion and Elyse tied the knot back in 2010 and had two daughters together.

Michael and Jules, on the other hand, exchanged vows in 2008 and also had two children, Jagger, 5, and Rio, 3.

Michael and Elyse already went public with their relationship and were seen together at a HomeGoods store in New York. The pair took one of Elyse’s daughters with them on the outing, and it looks like Michael is already adjusting to his new life.

Meanwhile, Enstarz is reporting that Jules is having a hard time watching the drama unfold on this season of RHONY. In fact, on a recent episode, Jules watched her son plead with her to let Michael return home.

Jules Wainstein's marriage was obviously strained this season on the 'RHONY.' [Image via Bravo]

“My heart breaks all over again watching the show now and listening to Jagger crying on the phone,” Jules shared. “I tried to brush it off in front of my parents, because I didn’t want them to be concerned, especially with my dad having just recently returned home from the hospital, but I broke down the minute I was alone.”

Clearly, Jules was going through a lot more than originally thought. Considering Michael’s infidelity, there’s little mystery why Jules is having a hard time with the split.

At the same time, Us Magazine is reporting that Jules Wainstein finally opened up about her divorce during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

For starters, Jules confirmed reports that she and Michael are still living together in the same home.

Despite the divorce, Jules and Michael decided to live in their Manhattan home together and co-parent their kids.

“I can say that’s true,” Jules told host Andy Cohen after being questioned about her living arrangements. “Yes, I can confirm that we are getting divorced.”

Jules did not look comfortable at all during the interview, and things took an awkward turn after Cohen asked Jules about Michael’s mistress.

Specifically, Cohen wanted to know if Jules knew about Elyse and Michael’s affair.

Following a few seconds of silence, Jules friend, Dorinda Medley, answered the question for her.

Is Dorinda Medley The Biggest Pot Stirrer On The 'Real Housewives Of New York'? [Image via Bravo]
Dorinda Medley [Image via Bravo]

“I can say that’s true,” Medley told Cohen.

Jules claims that she never suspected Michael was cheating on her and Medley confirmed it.

“We’re very close. We would have had one of these late-night conversations. So, you never had that conversation with me.”

While infidelity is enough to tear any marriage apart, it wasn’t the only problem in Jules’ relationship.

In fact, Michael’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, claims that Jules physically abused Michael in 2012.

“In the winter of 2012, Julianne brutally and viciously assaulted her diminutive but brave husband,” he shared.

Of course, Jules’ rep has since denied the allegations, saying “this is not the truth, and the truth will prevail.”

As fans will recall, reports also indicate that Jules called the police on Michael after an altercation in the Manhattan home. The details of the incident aren’t known, but fans might learn more as the season of ROHNY continues to develop.

New episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]