August 7, 2016
'Kingdom Hearts 3': Director Tetsuya Nomura Calls Story 'Overwhelmingly Big', Story To Tie Up Loose Strings

Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't received much buzz lately, but a small tidbit of information may give fans some relief.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and other characters will be returning to save the world once again. We've received some news and updates in regards to how the game's direction is being taken, but new information suggests that the story will be bigger than ever. We've traveled through multiple games, including spin-offs that tell their own story. According to interviews, Kingdom Hearts 3 might just be gearing up to tie up loose strings as the latest installment to the series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is said to be featuring original worlds, as well as the possibility of including new worlds that Disney has inspired. We've seen the likes of Mulan, Hercules, and even Jack Skellington during Sora and crew's adventures. According to a report by Gamepur, the story for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be massive. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura weighed in on the expanse of story, mentioning that he was worried about how to handle the story's execution.
"It's not that I've spread the story out. Perhaps it's more that I've separated the parts that would have ruined Kingdom Hearts 3's tempo if they were told then. In fact, Kingdom Hearts 3 is overwhelmingly big, so it's not that content has been shaved off, and it's something I've worried over how to handle."
Director Nomura continued on the matter, discussing other RPGs that he has worked on prior to Kingdom Hearts 3.
"And then, to me, I've made a lot of RPGs so far, and I think rather than listening to long explanations at the start of the game, we want to enjoy the adventure right away, so I decided to try and keep the opening exposition part of Kingdom Hearts 3 as short as possible."
It appears that Nomura is looking to throw players right into the fray of Kingdom Hearts 3. This wouldn't be the first time, as it's common to witness conflict within the first few minutes of a game without knowing just what might be transpiring. Nomura has vision for this, taking into consideration the questions that fans might have upon finding out where Sora is during the game's beginning moments.
"Because of that, maybe people will be like, 'why is Sora here?', feeling like Kingdom Hearts 3 begins comparatively abruptly. Of course, if you keep playing, you'll work out the minimum about the situation."
Alongside a huge story, Kingdom Hearts 3 is said to be the game that ties up loose strings. Players who are familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series are aware that its content has been spread across multiple gaming platforms. From console to handheld, we've seen Sora and crew travel across different tales to further explain the world where Heartless and Nobodies abound.

In a report by Gamesbeat, co-director Tai Yasue had this to say in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3 wrapping up plot threads and if there was pressure on the game as a result.

"Definitely. There's a lot of strings and a lot of strands in the previous Kingdom Hearts. They all come together. Right now we're depicting the Dark Seeker saga, with Xehanort and his group that Sora's battling. Them and the other Keyblade masters will have a sort of showdown. And so I think all the — everything is going to come together at the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga in part three."
It sounds as though Kingdom Hearts 3 and its "overwhelmingly big" story will give fans an epic conclusion to Sora's adventures. There's no official release date for the game, but anticipation is high for the return of Sora and his keyblade.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? What do you think of the news so far, given that the game will be on multiple platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Square Enix]