Kali Muscle: ‘Swole’ Celebrity Bodybuilder And YouTube Star Will Take Fighters To ‘Slap City’ In MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, which is often known simply as MMA, sure was different when it could only be seen through home videos. Back then, it seemed as if anyone, from amateur wrestlers to bar brawlers, could partake in the violent sport. The fighters who stood out from the rest were actual martial arts masters, those who strove to perfect their craft. Maybe that’s why Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock dominated for so many years.

These days, MMA fighters survive in the combat sport by actually being a mixed martial artist, having experience in boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, having a charismatic attitude and sheer presence can make an MMA fighter a star. The late Kimbo Slice — the popular YouTube star known for his street fights — rose to popularity in MMA, especially in Bellator MMA, because of his charisma. Though his record wasn’t the best, fans mostly remember Kimbo’s bizarre smack talk, where one time, he said Dada 5000 had “baby nuts,” followed by a challenge in which they would compare each other’s testicles.

Kimbo Slice, MMA, UFC, YouTube star

Now another YouTube star, who is also a celebrity bodybuilder, is about to make the transition to MMA. Kali Muscle is currently training to compete in MMA, where he plans to take his opponents to “Slap City.”

According to an uploaded video on Kali Muscle’s official YouTube channel, it seems the professional bodybuilder and YouTube star wants to transition over to MMA, as reported by ENT Imports. As seen in the video (which is attached above), Muscle is hitting the pads inside of the ring while working the speed bag and his cardio.

Kali Muscle, MMA, YouTube star, celebrity bodybuilder

Though Kali Muscle is reportedly taking his MMA training seriously, many other sports news outlets are likening his pursuit for MMA companies to set up a “freak show” fight. That means Muscle will be booked in fights that feature over-the-hill MMA fighters facing off against each other, or the time a “soccer mom” was destroyed in the MMA cage.

To be fair, there are many bodybuilders, who are supposedly untrained, besting MMA fighters. Low Kick collected multiple examples of confrontations when MMA fighters took on bodybuilders, or in their reported case, size versus skill. Some examples they use include a bodybuilder overcoming an experienced MMA fighter in Poland, though it was revealed the bodybuilder had MMA training, and Pedro Sauer defeating Mr. Utah, a bodybuilder who dwarfed him in both size and striking exchanges.

They too used Kali Muscle’s video of him “choking out” an MMA fighter, but it could have been made simply for entertainment purposes for Muscle’s social media and website.

Ultimately, we will have to wait and see if Kali Muscle can hang with MMA fighters once he signs on to compete. Most likely, he’ll step into amateur MMA fights first before trying to pursue a career in UFC or Bellator MMA. It is also possible that Muscle is only training MMA as a publicity stunt or simply “just to have fun.” Whatever Kali Muscle’s intentions might be, one thing is for sure; his opponents might be intimidated if they were to look across the MMA cage and see him, a very “swole” mean-looking dude ready to take them to “Slap City,” as their opponent.

[Image via Kali Muscle’s Official YouTube Channel]