Duggar Family Social Media -- When Do The Duggar Children Get To Make Their Own Account?

The Duggar family has strict rules that must be followed. Jim Bob and Michelle have instilled several core beliefs in their children, some of which have stuck with them even after they have married off. Fans have been fascinated with the Duggar family while watching them grow up on television. TLC has made their family a staple on the network, with variations of the show being updated every few years. Counting On is the most recent reinvention, and it is currently on hiatus.

A look into the lives of the Duggar family reveals that the children are sheltered more than the average child today. They have restrictions on television, cannot dance in any capacity, do not celebrate Halloween, and much more. Unfortunately, this also means the Duggar family doesn't allow social media to influence the household. Jim Bob and Michelle have a family account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Various updates are shared throughout the month, sometimes more often than others. Some of the adult children run their own social media accounts, but generally, if you live in the Duggar compound, you aren't allowed to have access to social media. According to Romper, the Duggar family rule is that only engaged couples can have access to these platforms. The reasoning behind it is unclear, but that is their rule.

Now, it seems that Josiah was able to skirt the Duggar family social media rule. He was able to make an Instagram account when he was involved with Marjorie Jackson. Unfortunately, things didn't work out with the two, and they separated back in 2015 after Josh Duggar's life fell apart while fans watched. While he has been silent on social media and may have taken a hiatus, the account was not deactivated. Fans have wondered about why it was allowed for a male child, but someone like Jana Duggar doesn't have her own account. She is very much an adult, and some fans would love her to host a designing channel or share decorating tips.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Duggar family rules among fans. While they are living a Quiverfull life, they often bend the rules based on the child. Jim Bob and Michelle have been strict on Jana with her duties, but the other girls weren't held as responsible. The social media accounts are a big deal, especially for the children to develop, and show off, their individual personalities.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]