‘American Horror Story’ Releases Season 6 Poster That’s Sure To Make Your Skin Crawl

American Horror Story has kept its devoted fans blissfully frightened for five seasons now. They have been eagerly waiting any word on what Season 6 will hold. Showrunner Ryan Murphy has been very secretive about the theme of the upcoming season, but in recent days, we’ve been treated at some teasers that have fans guessing. Now today, American Horror Story has released a new poster. It’s every bit as creepy as fans like, but it adds more to the puzzle about next season’s theme. Check it out!

Don't close your eyes... #AHS6 #AHSFX #americanhorrorstory #horror

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Did a chill just run up your back? Are you rubbing your eyes?

Yes, those are spiders crawling out of the eyes of the woman on the newest American Horror Story poster. What in the world could that mean? Maybe it isn’t the spiders themselves that are the hint. Maybe it’s the caption, “Don’t close your eyes.” Is AHS going to give us a story that happens in someone’s dreams? Or are the spiders a hint? An AHS teaser released last week showed a centipede crawling down Lady Gaga’s face. Is there something about insects? Another of the teasers showed a woman running down some stairs that looked like they led to a basement. Maybe it’s an insect-infested basement. Who knows. One thing for sure, it’s certain to continue speculation by American Horror Story fans.

Earlier this week, TMZ leaked some photos from the American Horror Story set. Filming is actually taking place in California, but the leaked photos make it pretty much a sure thing that the story will revolve around the 117 people who lived in and disappeared from the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina in the 16th century. One of the photos from the American Horror Story set shows a tree with the word “Croatoan” written on it. The word was carved into a tree at the actual colony and was the name of an Indian tribe that lived nearby. TMZ also reported that their scouts had seen actors in pilgrim clothing on the set. So where do spiders fit in?

Screen Crush joked that maybe the title of Season 6 will be American Horror Story: Spider-Eyes or American Horror Story: Spider-Face. They also noted something interesting. The teasers that were released earlier this week suggested a story set centuries ago, as do the photos from the set that were leaked by TMZ. This poster, however, shows a face with makeup that certainly would not have been around hundreds of years ago.

This could mean nothing, though. An image from one of this week’s American Horror Story teasers showed Lady Gaga with definitely modern makeup on as well. Or it may confirm something that FX President John Landgraf said at PaleyFest in March, as reported by International Business Times.

“It’s set in two time periods, but principally in the present.”

So far, showrunner Ryan Murphy is keeping his secrets very well regarding the theme of next season. Let’s hope the frequent hints of this week will continue, and we’ll know the theme of Season 6 soon.

We do know a few things about the upcoming season. We know that several American Horror Story fan favorites will be returning — Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, and Angela Jackson. And we know the date of the Season 6 premiere, October 23. Seems like a long way off. AHS fans will just have to hold tight.

American Horror Story is an anthology series with different settings and characters in each season. Previous themes have included Murder House, Coven, Freak Show, Asylum, and Hotel.

Check out the teasers that were released earlier this week.

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