November 23, 2017
Uma Thurman Gets An Instagram 'Like' From Gwyneth Paltrow: Harvey Weinstein Doesn't Deserve Happy Thanksgiving

With Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, the experience of actress Uma Thurman was noticeably missing from the fray, as reported by Page Six. However, Uma is speaking up more about her experiences with Weinstein and the actress is using her popular Instagram account to do so. As seen in the photo below from Instagram, Uma used a black and white photo from one of the Weinstein-produced movies in which she starred, Kill Bill.

Thurman touched on the subject of the controversy surrounding Harvey back in October, when she was asked about the accusations and said that she didn't have a quick sound bite that would aptly address the melee. As reported by USA Today, Uma told a journalist on the red carpet that she didn't want to speak out in anger and end up regretting what she said at a later point. Therefore, Thurman said that she was waiting to "feel less angry" and say all that she needed to say at that time.

Uma's rise to fame included starring in 1994's Pulp Fiction, which was also produced by Weinstein. The time is drawing closer for Thurman to speak out, according to her viral Instagram post about Harvey.

With more than 40,000 likes thus far on Uma's Instagram post, the message even garnered an Instagram like from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Uma wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, except for Weinstein and all of Harvey's "wicked conspirators." Thurman wrote that she was glad that the process was going at a slow pace and noted that Harvey didn't "deserve a bullet." Whether literal or metaphorical or both, Uma's message seemed to relay that she wanted Weinstein to experience punishment and not a quick death or a quick exit from his troubles.

"Stay tuned," Uma continued, promising on Instagram that there would be more to her story and hinting that she experienced unfavorable events with the beleaguered producer. Uma wrote that she was grateful for life and those she loves. She is receiving a plethora of likes on Instagram and positive, supportive comments from those who are thanking Thurman for speaking out against Weinstein.

[Featured Image by Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images]