Did Rihanna Say Drake Cried The First Time They Had Sex? Fake Article Trends [Hoax]

There is an article gaining steam titled “Rihanna: ‘Drake Cried the First Time We Had Sex’,” which claims that Rihanna admitted Drake’s sensitive side showed itself for a moment during their first sexual encounter. With Drake often putting his sensitive side on display in his lyrics — along with his love and lust for Rihanna on display in countless videos of the duo on tour — the story is almost believable that Drake might cry after sex with Rihanna.

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“‘It was like a single tear. Right after he n*****.’” Singer Rihanna says that Drake cried after the first time they had sex. Rihanna says Drake cried after they had sex for the first time and left her 21 voicemails and she doesn’t even have a voice mail. ‘I don’t know how he did it, but he is Drake. He just kept going on about how we’re soul mates and I’m just like, ‘N**** you was just another n**** on the hit list.’ — Rihanna.

“Rihanna says she almost got a restraining order on Drake, but then she wouldn’t have anyone to protect her from Chris Brown.”

People often cry during or after sex, as reported by Buzzfeed. They even cry during yoga. However, all the signs point to this story about Drake crying after sex with Rihanna as a hoax. It’s a quickly spreading hoax at that. As reported by Lead Stories, the article about Drake crying after sex with Rihanna appeared on two sites that are notorious for creating fake articles.

The fake article about Drake crying over Rihanna’s sex initiation garnered more than 6,000 social media likes on TMZHipHop.com — not associated with the real TMZ, according to previous hoax alerts on Lead Stories. On CreamBMP.com, the fake story about Rihanna and Drake went from zero social media likes as of August 4, at 6:03 p.m. to 8,300 social media likes by August 5, at 1:39 p.m. ET.

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Shared on the Facebook page of hip-hop artist Trina on Friday, August 5, the story about Drake crying after having sex with Rihanna quickly grew to more than 8,400 Facebook shares within three hours of it being posted to her Facebook account. With more than 8 million fans following Trina on Facebook — known as the “baddest b****” in the rap world — it’s no wonder the Rihanna and Drake tale spread quickly.

Other clues that the article about Drake crying over sex with Rihanna is fake is the way that the story borrows NSFW lyrics from Rihanna’s “Needed Me” song, which calls an unnamed guy just another “n**** on the hitlist, trying to fix your inner issues with a bad b****,” as reported by Google Play.

Not to be left out, Drake’s lyrics from “Controlla” were also referenced in the article, when it pointed to the fact that Drake would “Jodeci ‘Cry For You’” to his unnamed paramour in the song, as reported by Genius.

According to Billboard, it isn’t just the fake article about Drake crying over Rihanna that is making news. Drake also made news for calling out Hot 97’s “Funkmaster Flex” during Drake’s recent concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York on Thursday evening.

“They tellin’ lies on Hot 97 and that’s how it goes. I told ’em fire Funk Flex, then I’ll come and do your show.”

Drake also rhymed about feeling like “D. Rose” in Madison Square Garden Thursday night during Drake’s famous “Summer Sixteen” tour. Drake’s diss can be seen in the below video.

Meanwhile, the reaction to the fake article about Drake crying after sex with Rihanna has some folks writing on social media that they’d cry after sex with Rihanna, too.

Rihanna received a bow from Drake, as seen in the top photo above, in which Drake bowed to Rihanna on the stage of the Brit Awards 2016 in London on Wednesday, February 24.

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