‘My Stepdaughter’: Lifetime Movie Thriller–Actress Niki Koss Is Just Evil In This Story Of Revenge

My Stepdaughter is airing this Saturday just after Lifetime’s newest movie, Sorority Nightmare. First premiering in August 2015, My Stepdaughter, which is directed by Sofia Shinas and written by Ken Brisbois, will return to the Lifetime channel to round out this thrilling movie weekend. The story is about a troubled teen who makes life miserable for her father’s new wife and daughter. According to the Internet Movie Database, My Stepdaughter, known as La Hijastra in Spain, stars Emmanuelle Vaugier as Jill, Niki Koss as Casey, Matt Socia as Robert. Also appearing are Ava Acres as Lydia, Caleb Thomas as Brad, Sofya Skya as Skyla, Kendra Waldman as Nancy, Mason Dye as Victor, Mel Fair as Bill Winters, Renee Percy as Naomi, and Timbrelee Vick as Young Casey.

My Stepdaughter On Lifetime: The Synopsis

Jill has married the man of her dreams, or so she believes, until her teenage stepdaughter, Casey, gives Jill and her biological daughter a cold reception. Believing that it is not as bad as it seems, Jill is dedicated to helping Casey since she knows that she has had a difficult time in life.

To smooth things over, Jill tries to treat Casey as if she were her own daughter, inviting her to mother and daughter activities where they can hang out and spend some quality time together.

But, Casey is not interested in that. In fact, not only does she have no desire to hang out with Jill, she wants Jill and her young daughter out of her father’s life for good. Casey’s out of control behavior is causing all sorts of chaos in the family. However, it gets worse. It appears that Casey might be dangerous after learning about the death of her previous boyfriend. When Casey kidnaps her kid stepsister, the thought of Casey being a danger to the family is more than just a mere thought; it becomes a reality.

The stakes are high. Yet Casey is willing to lose and destroy it all in this deadly game, unless Jill can come to the rescue and save her own daughter before Casey ends the good marriage and their lives forever.

My Stepdaughter on Lifetime is produced by Cartel Pictures, Odyssey Media, and The Cartel with MarVista Entertainment and Starz Entertainment distributing. Producers on the television film are Keith Shaw, Kirk Shaw, Devi Singh, Ken Brisbois, Eric Scott Woods and Stan Spry. Running time is 87 minutes.

Lifetime TV’s My Stepdaughter is not based on a true story. But, the issue of problems between step-siblings and stepparents is a very real situation.

A Look At Three True-Story Cases

  • In 1987, 14-year-old Chari McCline was shot to death by her stepbrother, 18-year-old Ernest Morgan of Oakland, California. Authorities stated that Morgan killed his stepsister while he was robbing his stepfather’s home. Ernest Morgan, who supposedly turned his entire life around, was released from prison after serving 24 years, according to CBS-SF Bay.
  • In a more recent case from 2012, 13-year-old Tyasia Jackson stabbed her two-year-old stepsister, Sasha Lamaya Ray, in their home in Georgia. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the killing. People remember Tyasia as a nice and well-mannered girl. They were completely shocked by her crime and had no idea that evil lurked inside of her, according to News One.
  • One widely-known case is that of Nathan Matthews, a 28-year-old man who snuffed the life out of his 16-year-old stepsister, Becky Watts. An autopsy confirmed that Becky was suffocated and later dismembered. Nathan Matthews gave the following explanation of why he killed her, according to the New York Daily News.

“I came up with the idea to scare her. Like to try and basically make her more appreciative of life, like more appreciative of people, like she would be grateful that she had not been harmed. She would leave things out for my mum to trip over and talk to her like dirt on the floor.”

Do your best to watch My Stepdaughter this Saturday, August 6 at 10/9 p.m. Central on Lifetime. Last week, Lifetime viewers enjoyed two thrillers–I Know Where Lizzie Is and Killer Coach.

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