‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Season 3 Elimination Order Detailed, Who Finds Love And Who Heads Home Early?

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise has started and viewers can tell this is going to be one very wild ride. The premiere gave everybody a taste of the drama ahead and now fans want spoilers regarding what is on the way. Who leaves early and who sticks around on the way to the multiple engagements coming in the finale?

Gossip guru Reality Steve is spoiling Bachelor in Paradise again this summer, and viewers cannot wait to see if everything adds up as he details. Things got off to a wild start with the premiere when Chad Johnson got trashed and horribly obnoxious and he was booted off the show. Spoilers note that next up will be outings for Nick Viall and Leah Block along with an outing between Nick and Amanda Stanton.

When it comes time for the eliminations, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that Jared will keep Emily Ferguson, which means that both Jubilee Sharpe and Leah will be eliminated. The men get the power for the next round of dates and Reality Steve teases that Josh Murray and Brandon Andreen will be arriving. As ABC teases, Murray’s arrival will not come as welcome news for his rival Nick.

Josh asks Amanda out, and Christian Bishop goes out with Sarah Herron. Brandon asks Haley Ferguson out, and it seems that she will switch out with twin Emily in the middle of the outing. Reality Steve’s spoilers add that Evan Bass will take Carly Waddell out, and during the rose ceremony, Amanda gives hers to Josh and Emily hands hers to Jared. Haley keeps Nick and this means that Brandon and Christian are eliminated.

The women grab back the power for the next outings and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Ashley Iaconetti, Jen Saviano, and Caila Quinn will be arriving to shake things up. Teasers share that Caila asks out Jared, Jen asks out Nick, and naturally, Ashley takes Jared out as well. Is this going to be another season filled with Ashley chasing Jared? Luckily, teasers hint that the two will have a great chat and come to terms with simply being friends now.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Grant Kemp will offer Lace Morris his rose while Josh’s goes to Amanda. Nick gives his to Jen and Evan keeps Carly. Jared keeps Caila and viewers will see Vinny Venteria’s go to Izzy Goodkind. Daniel Maguire decides to keep Emily and Haley, meaning that both Sarah and Ashley are eliminated.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, however, this isn’t the end of Ashley’s journey to find love in Mexico. She comes back and asks for another shot, and because this franchise loves the drama she brings, she gets to stick around.

As the next dates begin, viewers will see Ryan Beckett, Carl King, Brett Melnick, and Wells Adams hit the beach. It seems that Brett will want to take out Izzy, but she declines due to her connection with Vinny, so he takes Caila instead. Things will get a bit intense for Izzy and Vinny, though, because she did have an interest in the outing that she declined.

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Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that a double date comes next and this one will include Carl, Emily, Caila, and Brett. Ryan and Haley get an outing together and Wells takes Ashley out. Vinny decides to leave after the bickering with Izzy, and it seems that Haley and Emily decide to depart on their own as they aren’t connecting with anybody.

It seems that Emily and Haley will try to warn Amanda about Josh’s intentions after some buzz throughout the house, but Amanda isn’t hearing it. In addition, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that this talk leads to Josh exploding at people in the house for talking about him. Naturally, he rages toward Nick in particular, but it doesn’t sound as if Amanda is swayed by any of this. In addition to Vinny, Emily, and Haley leaving, Daniel, Ryan, and Carl exit after not receiving roses.

Next to arrive will be Shushanna Mkrtychyan, Tiara Soleim, Jami Letain, and Lauren Himle, and Jami asks Wells out. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that Shushanna, Lauren, Wells, and Brett head out on a double date, and Tiara gives her date card to Nick so he can take out Jen. Caila reportedly decides to go because she’s tired of the drama, and Jared leaves as well since the only one there he had an interest in was Caila. Reality Steve teased that Jared and Caila were looking to try dating once they got home, but it doesn’t appear that anything came of this.

There are said to be a couple of additional departures at this point as well, as Izzy seemingly decided to quit and Shushanna takes herself out of the mix as well. Reality Steve says that she was pretty dramatic as she exited, tearing into the show itself, but viewers will have to wait and see how much of that is aired. In addition, Brett decides not to give his rose to anybody at the rose ceremony, eliminating himself. This means that Tiara, Lauren, and Jami are eliminated as well as they don’t receive anybody’s roses.

This elimination paves the way for the final outings and just as viewers have seen in previous seasons, this means that the couples have to decide whether to embrace overnight dates. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that at this point, there are five couples left. Wells and Ashley end up splitting after he decides to end things, choosing not to do the overnight, but the other four couples all do spend the night together. Nick and Jen, however, break things off the next day.

The other three couples stay together, and as was previously reported by the Inquisitr, they all decide to take a giant leap in their relationship. Josh and Amanda, Evan and Carly, and Grant and Lace all leave Mexico with big plans for their relationships, but fans will have to stay tuned to see if any of them end up tying the knot.

What do you think of the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for how Season 3 plays out? Do you think any of these pairings will lead to a wedding?

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