David Ayer Before 'Suicide Squad' And Beyond -- A Look At The Director's Other Films

Anya Wassenberg

David Ayer is in the spotlight after the release of Suicide Squad – a harsher spotlight than he may have expected. The American director has built a career in Hollywood based on gritty, action-driven movies. Here's a look at where he is now and how he got to helm the DC Comics blockbuster.

After the disappointing results from DC Comics' Batman v Superman earlier this year, the DC universe creators, along with Warner Bros. studios, were pinning their hopes of franchise success on Suicide Squad. That pressure spilled over after the film's release earlier this week in overseas markets and a string of negative reviews.

David Ayer responded to critics on Twitter.

As noted by Yahoo Movies, before David Ayer added directing to his resume, he was a screenwriter. His credits included the Denzel Washington/Ethan Hawke flick Training Day along with The Fast and the Furious, among others. Along with the current Suicide Squad blowback, his career in movies has seen its ups and downs.

David Ayer's setting for Training Day reflected on his own upbringing in South Central Los Angeles. It was also the backdrop for Harsh Times (2005), starring Christian Bale and Freddie Rodriguez in the story of an ex-Army Ranger (Bale) drawn into the neighborhood's violence. According to Box Office Mojo, the film made less than $6 million from all markets. Yahoo Movies calls the dialog for the testosterone-fueled film "over cooked." Like Suicide Squad, the movie features an ensemble of characters.

So what's next for David Ayer? In an interview with JoBlo, he mentioned shooting Bright, a supernatural crime thriller, working again with Suicide Squad's Will Smith along with Joel Edgerton in leading roles. With a $90 million budget according to Collider, the Netflix thriller is significantly smaller in scope than Suicide Squad's $175 million price tag.

David Ayer told JoBlo reporters he'd be open to the idea of making another Suicide Squad film and said he'd love to take on the pinnacle of the DC Comics universe.

"I love Superman, I think Superman would be amazing."

Whether David Ayer will get a chance at the next Superman movie may depend on whether Suicide Squad can overcome the bad reviews to become a fan favorite.

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