Justin Bieber Nude Sahara Ray Hawaii Photos: Is He Competing With Selena Gomez’s Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Bloom?

justin bieber hawaii nude

Naked photos of Justin Bieber enjoying what was supposed to be a private outing in Hawaii with his girlfriend, Sahara Ray, have surfaced on the internet just two days after Orlando Bloom’s own set of nude images were published by the New York Daily News.

Oddly enough, the outlet that posted Orlando’s photos was, once again, the first news organization to get their hands on the rather revealing pics of Justin Bieber and Sahara, who clearly had no reason to believe they were being photographed since they were at a private location.

Bieber is seen enjoying his skinny dipping session with Ray, as the couple is photographed swimming together in the clear water while the camera is angled in a position where it’s clear that the photographer is hiding behind several obstacles to intrude on the singer and his female companion’s privacy.

Some users on social media, however, think the complete opposite, stressing that the photos are most likely a publicity stunt for Justin Bieber to continue his ongoing feud with Orlando Bloom, the same man who was alleged to have dated Selena Gomez after the singer’s split with the 22-year-old.

Multiple news outlets claimed that Selena and Orlando were definitely dating at one point, but for whatever reason, their romance didn’t work out, and they both came to the decision that being friends is probably better for the both of them.

According to reports, after Justin found out about Orlando’s hook-up with Selena, he became enraged, so much that the twosome ended up having a brawl inside an Ibiza restaurant, according to the Mirror. Bieber was alleged to have thrown several punches, but it still remains unclear whether any of them actually ended up hitting Bloom, who was said to have been ready for a showdown with the “Sorry” singer.

While it would be bizarre to think that an incident from two years ago would still be on Justin Bieber’s mind, fans, who have since made Justin Bieber a trending topic on Twitter, have questioned themselves as to why their idol’s photos happen to leak right after Orlando’s pics surface on the internet.

One social media user also points out how the lighting in Justin Bieber’s photos is very clear, almost as if it was intentionally set up for reasons only the singer would know. With that said, the naked photos of Justin and Sahara seem to confirm that the couple is definitely an item, putting the rumors to rest once and for all.

Reports had claimed that Sahara instantly fell in love with Justin after the model went on her first date with Bieber last month. The duo has been rather quiet about their personal life, with Justin Bieber opting out of any public affection towards Ray, especially over social media, in front of fans who are still eagerly hoping for the Biebs to one day reconcile with Selena Gomez.

It was recently alleged that Selena had no intentions of getting back with Justin in the near future, stressing that her main focus has been on her “Revival” tour. In fact, she is treating her time on the road as therapy, away from anything that revolves around the drama of her ex-boyfriend.

Justin Bieber has yet to address the nude photos. But what do you make of them?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]