Playboy Mansion Will Be Back On the Market? Did Hugh Hefner Back Out Of $105 Million Deal?

Playboy Mansion Sale Update: The sale of the fabulous mansion to Daren Metropoulos is still on according to Hannah Arnold of Metropoulos & Co. as quoted by So there go the dreams of other perspective buyers. Mr. Metropoulos is eager to become the next steward of this fabulous mansion.

“Daren Metropoulos’ purchase of the Playboy Mansion is moving forward as planned. Gossip reports suggesting the deal has fallen apart are simply untrue.”

Sometimes in the effort to bring the freshest news, rumors are mistaken for facts, but apparently, the sale will go through. Many apologies for the mix-up first reported by TMZ usually an excellent source of breaking celebrity news.

The Playboy Mansion, infamous for wild parties and beautiful Playboy Bunnies, was rumored to be going on sale again after negotiations allegedly broke down on Thursday, after weeks of negotiations. It now appears the sale is going to happen after all and there were either no differences between buyer and seller or they were very small and blown out of proportion. In the original story, the buyer, 32-year-old Daren Metropoulos, wanted to start renovations immediately, according to TMZ. Mr. Hefner felt that would be far too invasive considering the contingency that he would remain in the home until his death. Still, the situation is well in hand and both parties are happy now.

Hugh Hefner, who is now 90-years-old, had a major concession to ask of the buyer. He wants a lifetime right to the home, and the buyer can only take full possession of the home after he passes. Once a real party boy and the original playboy, Hefner wants to live out the remainder of his life in relative seclusion, or at least with a little peace and quiet.

The Playboy Mansion buyer Daren Metropoulos is the son of billionaire investor C. Dean Metropoulos. Daren is now the principal at Metropoulos & Co., which owns a number of companies, including Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, according to USA Today. Metropoulos currently owns the house next door to Hefner’s Mansion, which he purchased in 2009 for $18 million. Soon though he will own the finest house on the block. He apparently plans to keep the property.

Hugh Hefner’s 20,000-square-foot Mansion is located in Holmby Hills, near Beverly Hills. The property was originally listed for $200 million, but Hefner had conceded to sell the mansion for $105 million, or about half of the asking price, to his neighbor, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hugh Hefner by Charley Gallay c

The Playboy Mansion sits on a five-acre lot, features a man-made cave called a grotto, and comes with its own zoo license. The property has a gymnasium, a tennis court, and an orchard, but what people remember most about the house is the famous swimming pool.

Hugh Hefner houses a vast collection of wildlife on the property, including exotic birds and monkeys. His expansive aviaries and animal habitats are a major feature of the property. There is also a four-bedroom guest house included in the asking price. Michael Nourmand, the president of Normand and Associates Realtors, explained that this sale was not just about real estate.

“The Playboy Mansion is like a piece of art or landmark sale rather than just an expensive home sale.”

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The Famous Mansion is a Gothic-Tudor-style home built in 1927. It features 29 rooms, including 12 bedrooms. It is one of the greatest works of architect Arthur R. Kelly. Hefner purchased the home in 1971 for about $1.1 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hugh Hefner is offering a one-of-a-kind property of great architectural and historic significance. Bret Parsons, of the architectural division of Coldwell Bankers, agreed that the architecture is one of the many things that make this property so unique and valuable.

“[T]he house is extraordinary, architecturally.”

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The Playboy Mansion had gained the interest of a number of possible buyers, including Larry Flint of Hustler, and Jeff Beacher of Beacher’s Madhouse, who would carry on Hugh Hefner’s tradition in the use of the house. Even Charlie Sheen weighed the possibility of purchasing the house. However, Mr. Metropoulos worked out all the fine details with Mr. Hefner, and the house is officially off the market.

Hugh Hefner agrees the Playboy Mansion really is sold to Mr. Metropoulos.

[Photo by Charley Garallay/Getty Images]