WWE News: Randy Orton Now Expected To Beat Brock Lesnar At ‘WWE SummerSlam’

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton just got back to the WWE after missing several months of action due to a shoulder injury and surgery. Orton has been hampered with shoulder issues throughout his career, which is why another injury was terrible to see. Orton has been a main eventer for years, though, so his comeback to the WWE needed to be big. The Viper is giving us just that as his first PPV opponent back will be Brock Lesnar.

Obviously, it is a tall order for Orton to overcome The Beast Incarnate, especially knowing Lesnar has been dominant for so long. Lesnar does not lose very often, and when he does, it usually takes a low blow to do it. Randy Orton is crafty, however, and he has more experience in this business than Lesnar. Both also came into the company at the same time, as both came out of the amazing OVW class that included Shelton Benjamin, John Cena, and Batista.

Orton was considered a crown jewel by the WWE and was seen as a developmental project with loads of potential. He lived up to that and more over the last decade while Brock Lesnar was away from the company. The two never truly had a chance to work together while they were in the prime of their careers. Orton was on WWE RAW while Brock was on WWE SmackDown. Of course, he also only worked for WWE for about two years before calling it quits.

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Lesnar would become a top name in the UFC for a few years while Orton remained at the top of the card in the WWE. While Lesnar has faced off against some of the top names in the industry since his return, Randy Orton hasn’t run into him. This makes their match highly anticipated and years in the making. Therefore, seeing this main event at WWE SummerSlam makes total sense. Going into the event, it seemed obvious that Orton was going to suplex city and would lose like most everyone else. However, this may not be the case.

According to Cageside Seats, Randy Orton is expected to beat Brock Lesnar at the SummerSlam event. This is pretty big, as it would be the Orton PPV comeback and having him lose would not be a good thing. However, against Lesnar, people could understand it. Being beaten by Brock does not really hurt a person’s standing in the WWE. He’s the most legitimate athlete WWE has had in years due to his time in the UFC.

However, his UFC work may hurt him this time around. It could be theorized that WWE is punishing Lesnar, as best they can, by having him take the loss to Orton. While Orton does need a big win to help him get back to the top, he could always face someone at WWE Backlash to accomplish this. However, WWE has to do something to show the locker room that they care about what occurred with Lesnar and will have him lose due to it.

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It is said that the WWE locker room is furious over the fact that part-time stars are not subject to drug testing, which means the WWE Wellness Policy does not affect them. Lesnar is part-time, and therefore, he has no need to be tested. The reason this is significant is because Lesnar failed two USADA drug tests before he fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200 back in July. While he passed all five that were released before the fight with Hunt took place, two of the three that came out after the fight showed a drug failure. He reportedly tested positive for an estrogen blocker.

While not very useful for his fight, it would help him lean up and do better in training, as the blocker allows for higher levels of testosterone. Due to the fact he had to have only used it for a couple weeks, it would not have counted as a PED as much as other things. Even if he used steroids for a couple weeks, it would not have done enough to his body to help him in his fight. Plus, he and Hunt were only a half-pound off in weight for the fight. However, the substance he took was illegal and may also be illegal under WWE’s Wellness Policy. Since Lesnar is not subject to it, he saw zero repercussions by the WWE over his failed USADA tests.

This made many fans upset, so it would make sense that WWE would have Orton beat Brock just to satisfy “the boys” and many WWE fans as well. Basically, it could be WWE’s version of a repercussion. The win also helps Randy Orton in the long run too, as beating The Beast is no small task. It takes a lot to put him away, but Orton has proven that his RKO can strike at any time and could end the match. We can expect Orton to take a beating, but if he wins despite it, don’t be surprised.

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