Kathy Griffin, No Makeup: Comedienne Looks Good, But Not Like Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin with no makeup seems almost unimaginable. The veteran comedienne is a palette of color and, by her own admission, keen on her brightly colored red hair, her fashion habits, and skirmishes with plastic surgery.

Yeah, Kathy Griffin with no makeup is kind of like Kathy Griffin being demure … really hard to picture. (Which is why we love her.) At 51, the star still looks vibrant and fashionable, and makes no effort to hide her vanity, which is why a Kathy Griffin no makeup picture is a little shocking to see.

But the actress was out and about with new boyfriend Randy Bicks, 33, who is nearly 20 years her junior and pretty cute. As the pair strolled on a beach, photogs snapped the budding couple as Kathy smiles very effusively, seemingly unconcerned about being photographed without her war paint.

Of her relationship with Bicks, Griffin recently said she tried to keep the new fling under wraps, partially because Bicks is not a Hollywood dude and partially because she’s tired of having the press all up in her biz:

“I truly tried to keep it under wraps … He’s a really nice normal guy with a nice normal job who doesn’t care for the spotlight, and I like it that way and he does too.”

kathy griffin

Griffin says that being a high-energy type, Bicks calms her down and mellows her out, which she feels is essential. The funny lady continues:

“For me, the thing which has become of paramount importance, is that he’s really such a nice person. He has a really mellow temperament, which I need because I’m a spinning-out-of-control freak.”

Perhaps it’s the chill-out factor that allowed for the Kathy Griffin no makeup shots. Do you like the star’s au naturel look?