‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Pressures Carly, Sam Connects With Alexis, Julian Pleads With Ava, And Sonny Intervenes With Valentin

Viewers are quite anxious to check out Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there will be a lot of scrambling as Valentin starts to make his mark on Port Charles. Sam, Jason, and the others are back home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some outstanding issues to be resolved. In addition, Jax is in town and butting heads with Carly as Julian is still angling to escape custody. Where are things headed during the August 5 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday, Valentin approached Spencer at his drama camp and was planning to take him away. However, Sonny got there before things could get too far, and General Hospital spoilers note that this confrontation continues during Friday’s episode. Spencer will introduce his Uncle Sonny to his Uncle “Theo,” but Sonny knows that things are complicated here, and Soap Central says that he prevents Spencer from going anywhere with Valentin.

Sam will track down Alexis and this mother-and-daughter duo have a lot of catching up to do. Sam was gone when things blew up between Julian and Alexis, and she will be getting all of the scoop now. In addition, General Hospital spoilers detail that the two will talk about the Cassadine family as a whole, as Alexis notes that the Cassadines never really die, they rise up from the ashes.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam will also pay Julian a visit and this will surely be an intense and emotional conversation. As much as she has been glad to reunite with her father, she is fiercely protective of Alexis and Sam will certainly give her father a piece of her mind. Julian also gets a visit from Ava, and he will be pleading with her for help in orchestrating his escape. Will she step up to help him or leave Julian scrambling on his own?


Carly has been desperate to find the truth about Josslyn’s kidney transplant, connecting with Nina to investigate the situation. While Carly told Nina to back off, the investigation has continued and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Curtis may have come up with a solid lead of some sort. In addition, Jax is now in town pushing his ex-wife to let this go, and there is another conversation between these two ahead.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jax will push hard during this conversation, indicating that there could be consequences if Carly does not let go of this investigation. While the truth about where the kidney originated has not been revealed yet, teasers have hinted that there could be some stunning twists and turns as Carly pushes for the truth. Just how involved is Jax in what happened?

Jason will be anxious to get back to his regular life after being accused of killing Nikolas, but General Hospital spoilers share that Jordan will be moving things along much more slowly than he would like. She wants Jason to stay put for the moment, seemingly so she can try to deal with the Valentin situation, and she threatens to toss him behind bars if he doesn’t comply.


Heading into the week of August 8, General Hospital spoilers detail that Jax and Carly will continue to butt heads over this Josslyn situation, and Alexis will need help from Julian. Franco is said to be facing some bad news and Laura may be left a bit unsettled by a conversation she overhears between Lucy and Scott. Sam will soon be hospitalized as doctors check into her fainting spells, and teasers indicate that a shocker is on the way on this front.

Finn will lean on Rachel, and it seems that Rachel will be learning about Nikolas’ supposed death from Lulu. It sounds as if Tyler Christopher is likely returning to the role this fall, but viewers will have to hang tight waiting on a confirmation for now. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are plenty of twists and turns on the way, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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