French Dog Shoots His Owner

Gregory Wakeman

Look at that murderous beast above. If he could, he'd jump out of the screen and maul you half to death before shooting you in the back of the head to put you out of your misery. Don't believe me? Well this dog's got previous convictions; just ask Rene the French hunter who has had to have his hand amputated because of his pooch's thirst for blood.

The 55-year-old man has been describing how his "adorable" dog accidentally shot him when the animal mistakenly pulled the trigger of his owner's shotgun as he jumped on top of him "for a cuddle". As you would think, a bullet to his right hand from close range meant it was destroyed.

Despite being taken to a nearby Bordeaux hospital by helicopter, the doctors amputated it, but Rene has already forgiven his pet. "It wasn't the dog's fault. And he's adorable! I should have left the (gun's) safety on, that's all."

That's all! You've got to be impressed by his attitude haven't you. Rene, who has decided not to reveal his last name, instantly called his son who lived in the vicinity of the attack and then assisted his father in his efforts to get medical attention.

The incident occurred whilst the huntsman was taking part in a deer hunt on Sunday evening with three Blue Gascony Basset hounds near St. Michel de Double in the South-West of the country. Two of the dogs had run after the deer whilst the third stayed behind as he wanted to go mano-a-mano with his owner.

As you would expect, an American beat Rene to the stupidest way of getting shot title a long time ago. And, no, it wasn't even Dick Cheney.