WWE News: WWE Reportedly Making Low-Ball Offers To Former WWE Stars

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When the WWE Draft was announced, there were mixed feelings among the WWE Universe. A lot of them were simply complaints because that’s what wrestling fans do very well. However, there was one specific critique that made perfect sense because it was realism at its best. When the rosters were officially split, there simply wasn’t enough talent to go around. Reason being, Monday Night Raw had to be the bigger of the two.

It’s quite logical as to why. Monday Night Raw is the WWE’s flagship show. That program is also Vince McMahon’s baby. It’s been going strong for over 1,000 episodes and doesn’t have an end in sight. All of WWE’s biggest stars were put on that show to bring in ratings and thousands of fans in attendance for every live event. WWE Smackdown had its time in the spotlight. Paul Heyman even wrote it better than the red brand for a time.

Heyman, Reigns, Lesnar
Just by analyzing both rosters now, they are even to a point, but Monday nights have the advantage. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Chris Jericho headline the red brand. Smackdown Live also has star power, but Vince McMahon is definitely looking for more to bolster their mid-card. Right now, it’s not nearly as stable as it should be. With Rhyno and Shelton Benjamin returning, it’s just not enough.

They could have more mid-card guys, especially with older WWE stars returning. Why aren’t more accepting the offers from McMahon? According to SEScoops.com and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE is reportedly making low-ball offers to former WWE stars.

“A lot of the talent who’ve been contacted by WWE about returning declined the offer. Numerous former WWE superstars reportedly felt the money wasn’t good enough to return to go back on the road with the company.”

“One name speculated to be among that group is . According to the Observer, the two sides are still open to talks, but it doesn’t sound like will be taking WWE up on their offer for him to return to their programming. hasn’t worked with WWE since 2010.”

Teddy Long is the one who spilled the proverbial beans on MVP’s rumored return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Since then, MVP has insisted he isn’t coming back, and the reports his is returning are simply internet rumors to ignore. They have been friends for years, so it wasn’t like any wrestling analyst said MVP was returning. Long is a trustworthy source because he’s so close to the situation.

MVP isn’t the only one linked to a WWE comeback. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, there are big updates on former WWE stars who may return to the company that made them famous. Jinder Mahal already made his return. He showed up on WWE Raw this past week to beat Heath Slater for a Raw contract.

Heath Slater
What Slater has brought to the table each week is nearly unmatched. The level of promo ability he possesses is a lot more than some stars on the main stage each week. For example, Slater has more charisma in one hand than Cesaro does altogether. Then again, there’s a reason why both are in the mid-card.

Smackdown Live is about to get so much better in the coming months. Their second show arguably did better than Raw. When filling three hours of content, it’s very difficult to not throw filler in the show. The Golden Truth and Shining Stars this past episode didn’t excite WWE fans. It was the antithesis of exciting, in this writer’s opinion. For Smackdown Live, the writers have an easier job to create content. When the old stars return, it will get even easier.

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