‘Alaskan Bush People’ Canceled? 4 Reasons Why It Might Not Be Back

4 Reasons Alaskan Bush People Might Be Canceled

Alaskan Bush People might be canceled. At least, that’s the rumor circulating the internet as there’s no official word as to what’s next for the Browns. It would have seemed improbable a year ago that the once beloved Alaskan wilderness reality TV show would get canceled. Ratings were among the highest on cable television.

So what happened? Well, quite a bit. As reported by Alaska Dispatch-News, two members of the Brown family were convicted for stealing thousands of dollars in oil revenue from Alaska. What followed was a tireless, season-long campaign to expose just how fake Alaskan Bush People is.

Though loyal Alaskan Bush People fans might disagree, there are four solid reasons the Discovery Channel might pass on airing a sixth season.

1.) Scandal

The Alaskan Bush People cast isn’t exactly a carbon-copy of the Waltons or Little House on the Praire. Although the episodes themselves are inoffensive — free of foul language, sex, and gratuitous violence — it’s hard to ignore off-camera drama associated with the Brown family.

As previously mentioned, the “Wolf Pack” ran into trouble with the law in a big way. A plea agreement was negotiated to keep several of the Browns out of jail. Despite repeated attempts to use Alaskan Bush People to play the victim, Billy Brown was ultimately exposed for his refusal to take responsibility.

Although scandals aren’t always a death sentence for popular reality TV shows like Alaskan Bush People, it can cost them a huge chunk of their audience.

2.) Repetitiveness

I’ve complained about this one before, and so I’m going to touch on it again: Alaskan Bush People has the tendency to be a bit predictable. Even the so-called “tense” moments involving danger or technical problems have started to feel boring. It doesn’t help that there are rumors the show’s producers sometimes manufactures drama for the sake of ratings.

Because it’s been all but confirmed that Alaskan Bush People is a scripted reality show, editors and producers will no doubt be looking for ways to keep the show interesting to viewers. If the show wants another season, then fresh scenarios and storylines are required immediately. Practically every other gimmick in use has grown woefully stale.

3.) Ratings

Alaskan Bush People suffered a notable ratings drop this season. A previous Inquisitr article revealed that between the fourth and fifth season, the program managed to lose nearly half its audience! Whether it’s boredom or disillusionment, TV viewers aren’t watching Alaskan Bush People with same the enthusiasm they had a year ago.

It can be hard for some reality TV shows to stay on the air beyond a few seasons; they get so predictable and blatantly scripted that audiences just don’t bother — leading to cancellation. If Alaskan Bush People’s ratings are a problem, it could be why there’s no rush to announce renewal plans.

4.) Matt Brown

The Matt Brown situation is a rather sad one. As Brown admitted to People, he was forced to leave Alaskan Bush People and his family behind to get treatment for alcohol abuse. Although Matt feels like he’s in a better place now, it’s possible he isn’t interested in returning to the bush.

If the family is more concerned with staying near and supporting Matt than surviving in “Browntown,” it could be why they’ve been publicly spending so much time away from it, even heading to Hawaii for a rumored family reunion.

This outcome would go against speculation by Blasting News that Matt Brown has become too “modern” for the rest of the family and the show will be going on without him.

In any case, it’s good to remember that not all shows are confirmed for renewal (or cancellation) at the same time. There are various factors at play, so if you’re a fan of Alaskan Bush People, you don’t have to give up hope just yet. However, should the show get axed, you’ll at least have a few ideas as to why it happened.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People will be abruptly canceled or should we expect at least one more season? Share your thoughts below!

[Image via the Discovery Channel]