Jules Wainstein’s Relationship With Bethenny And Carole Has Gotten Worse After Divorce

Jules Wainstein joined The Real Housewives of New York with the goal of meeting some new women and developing some strong friendships. But Jules quickly learned that some of the ladies didn’t really want to give her the attention and sympathy she was looking for in regards to her eating disorder. While Bethenny Frankel distanced herself from Wainstein because she reminded her of her mother, Carole downright said Jules was in denial as Wainstein kept saying that she wasn’t struggling with an eating disorder but admitted to throwing up just three weeks prior to the claim. Wainstein wasn’t happy with the ladies, and it sounds like things haven’t gotten better.

According to a new Bravo report, Jules Wainstein isn’t happy with the way Bethenny and Carole talk about her, especially when it comes to her body. Jules knows that she’s skinny, but she felt judged by the ladies for being skinny and having an eating disorder. Wainstein recently defended herself against Frankel, who felt that Wainstein wasn’t being smart about what she was sharing on the show. On Wednesday, Jules Wainstein and Dorinda Medley visited Watch What Happens Live, and Andy Cohen asked her about her relationship with the ladies.

“Oh OK. So, Bethenny and Carole. Bethenny, I mean, water under the bridge. I don’t really care. I have enough negative energy in my life, I don’t need more,” Jules Wainstein told Andy when asked about Bethenny, adding “irrelevant” when he pushed her about Carole Radziwill.

It sounds like things have actually gotten worse between Jules Wainstein and the ladies. It doesn’t help that Wainstein is now going through a divorce she wasn’t expecting at all. Jules learned after filming that her husband had been carrying on an affair. The red flags were present when she was filming The Real Housewives of New York, but she didn’t see them. As she told Andy, she would never have guessed that he was having an affair. And yet, Bethenny has recently hinted that Jules was dealing with marital troubles and a possible divorce prior to starting on the show. She denied this ever happened and mocked Frankel’s knowledge.

“Because we have a ‘mutual friend.’ We have no mutual friends,” Jules explained, adding “Yeah, she knows everything.”

In regards to her divorce, Wainstein could confirm that the divorce is indeed happening. It was clear that Jules didn’t want to talk to Andy about her divorce, as it was still very fresh. She’s divorcing her husband Michael because she learned that he had been cheating on her. When Andy asked her about the divorce, she confirmed that it was indeed true.

“I can say that’s true,” Jules hesitantly admitted to Cohen when asked about the divorce, according to US Weekly, adding, “Yes, I can confirm that we are getting divorced.”

Things got awkward when Cohen started inquiring about Jules Wainstein’s knowledge about her husband’s affair and mistress. Several photos have surfaced in the media, showing him hanging out with her in New York. Rather than answer his questions, Jules simply revealed that she had no idea or suspicions that he was cheating on her as she clearly trusted him. She just thought that he was really busy at work.

It is clear that Jules is very upset and shocked about her divorce and her husband’s cheating, and she may have hoped that Bethenny and Carole would be there for her as friends. However, it sounds like the women have no interest in being there for her as they did get off to a rocky start.

What do you think of Jules Wainstein’s comments about Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill?

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