Kelly Dodd Says Twitter Followers Are With Her: ‘No Apology From Me’

Kelly Dodd had a few words for her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star during this week’s episode, as she felt completely set up by Shannon Beador. Kelly had attended Shannon’s 1970’s party with the goal of having fun, but she quickly felt set up as a woman named Jaci attended the party. Apparently, Dodd and Jaci don’t get along, and she felt completely set up by Beador, who claimed to know Jaci from neighborhood parties. Despite what Beador told her, Kelly was convinced that she was being set up and she didn’t see the need in apologizing to her.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing why she wanted to sit down with Beador. Apparently, she didn’t expect for the conversation to be as dramatic as it turned out to be, but she wasn’t exactly eager to apologize. Dodd wanted an admission that Shannon had indeed set her up. And after getting support from Twitter followers, Kelly feels she’s right about the whole situation.

“If you are keeping score, Tamra, Vicki and Meghan have all concluded and stated that Shannon conspired to set me up by giving Jaci and Nina a forum to spread hateful lies and gossip. It’s clear too, that the vast majority in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere have weighed in that Shannon set me up,” Kelly Dodd writes in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, pointing out that many viewers did feel that she was completely set up by Shannon at her party.

Even though Kelly Dodd feels she was completely set up, she does admit that she did act inappropriately. During the party, Dodd revealed that she did make some mistakes, including calling David Beador a pedophile. It did seem like a defense mechanism and she was possibly just trying to say whatever would hurt him the most. But while Dodd was ready to apologize, she wanted an apology from Shannon as well. She felt they were both wrong about what happened.

“From my perspective, I believe we were both in the wrong – Shannon for setting me up and me for losing my cool and making a scene. At least I am willing to own my mistakes. Remember though, that Shannon instigated the whole thing by staging the little pow-wow in the back room. Watching the episode and seeing Shannon deliberately asking Jaci, ‘Can you and Nina come with me please’ to the back room for their gossip session was further proof that she set the whole thing up and had an agenda,” Kelly Dodd explains in her Bravo blog, pointing out that she feels the whole thing was set up to hurt her.

Dodd can’t provide a motive as to why Shannon would go through the effort to hurt her. Apparently, Beador did know about her boyfriend during her marital break, and this could have something to do with the tension between the ladies. According to Radar Online, Kelly had filed for divorce from her husband, but they later got back together.

“She projects an air of superiority that rubs me that wrong way. She said she thought she was there to help me and to get an apology. I was willing to give her one, but she never owned up to being complicit to gossiping and making up lies about me. So, no apology from me,” Kelly Dodd concludes her Bravo blog, adding that she has proof that Shannon set her up and she will provide that proof at the reunion special.

Why do you think Shannon would set up Kelly Dodd? What do you think her motives would be?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]