‘My Summer Prince’: Hallmark Channel’s Romantic Movie Celebrates Summer Nights On TV This Saturday, Starring Taylor Cole, Lauren Holly, And Jack Turner

My Summer Prince is the latest of six movies that will appear on the Hallmark Channel for their Summer Nights Celebration. This comedy romance is directed by Peter Sullivan and written by Topher Payne. It is about a royal prince who gets into hot water and needs the help of a PR crisis expert to help restore his public reputation. It stars Taylor Cole as Mandy Cooper, Jack Turner as Prince Colin, Lauren Holly as Deidre Kelly, Marina Sirtis as Penelope Sheridan, Vanessa Angel as Queen Rosalind, Kassandra Clementi as Lady Isabeella Vandevere, Brian Dare as Danny Pendergrass, Walter Platz as Sheriff Wrigley, Ashley Santos as Jess, Nancy Peterson as Sheryl Cooper, Lillian Grace Hale as Keisha, Melanie Nelson as Barbara Kirkland, Josh Whitaker as Robert, Jessica Villenueve as Emily, and Nikolai H. Wedekind as Jamal, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Synopsis Of Hallmark Channel’s My Summer Prince
Prince Colin is next in line to inherit the throne but jeopardizes it all after he is arrested for taking a bath in a public fountain. No stranger to controversy, Prince Colin’s mother believes that her son is giving the noble family a bad name and needs to be whipped into shape.

Bringing in a top notch PR executive will do the job. The only problem is PR head honcho Deidre has fallen ill and needs her assistant, Mandy, to take over the project.

Mandy is excellent at following instructions, but Deidre needs her to think like a PR head and not like an assistant. This is Mandy’s first real assignment, and she is determined to put together a campaign that will not only restore the reputation of His Royal Highness but also put her in line to becoming the next top public relations expert.

However, when Mandy arrives to meet Prince Colin, they mistake her for Deidre, her boss. Now, she is too afraid to tell them the truth. But for now, she has work to do even though Prince Colin doesn’t believe that he needs her services. Taking charge, Mandy, aka Deidre, lets the prince know that she is the one in control and that he will do exactly as he is told.

For Prince Colin, her bold strength is a turn on, causing him to pursue her romantically. Soon, Mandy finds herself loving a prince with the possibility of being next in line to be crowned “Princess” Colin.

My Summer Prince is a wonderful family film that Hallmark viewers will watch more than once. It also has a great cast line-up to bring the story alive. Below, take a look at some of the bios of My Summer Prince‘s biggest stars, according to Hallmark Channel.

Actress Taylor Cole

“Taylor was most recently seen on CW series “The Originals” and starring in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Appetite for Love.” She was a recurring guest star in TV Land’s ‘Impastor,” CW’s “Supernatural,” A&E’s “The Glades,” and CBS’s “CSI Miami.” She starred in the Lifetime feature “Bad Blood, ‘The Violent Kind,’ The Surrogates” and “Twelve Rounds,” as well as the MTV movie “All You’ve Got,” among other film credits.”

Actor Jack Turner

“Since moving to LA in 2012 Jack has worked on TV, film and commercials. Jack’s first movie was “The 10 Year Plan,” where he played a love-lorn hopeless romantic named “Myles.” This last year, Jack appeared on “Stitchers” (Freeform) for two seasons as the mysterious bad guy “Liam Granger.”

Actress Lauren Holly

“Many know Lauren best from her three seasons as Director Jenny Shepard in the drama series “NCIS.” Holly was seen in the movie “King of Texas,” and in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King Lear. She appeared in the miniseries “Jackie, Ethel, and Joan: Women of Camelot. Holly starred as plastic surgeon Jeremy Hanlon on “Chicago Hope and in the movie “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.”

Hallmark’s My Summer Prince was filmed in Park City, Utah, and produced by Hybrid and Mayor Entertainment. Executive producers on the television movie are Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi, and Jeffrey Schenck.

Tune into My Summer Prince this Saturday, August 6, at 9/8 p.m. Central. Recently, the Hallmark Channel premiered two more romantic movies: For Love And Honor and Summer Villa.

[Image via Hallmark Channel]