Adrian Aurs: Jealous Indianapolis Police Officer Shoots Fellow Officer Who Was Responding To A 911 Call At His Home

Adrian Aurs, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer, shot his fellow officer three times in a fit of anger and jealousy last Friday night, according to The Washington Post. The officer who was shot, Robert Pearsey, was responding to a domestic violence incident between Aurs and his wife earlier that night.

Aurs, a 17-year veteran with the IMPD and a recipient of Medal of Valor and a Medal of Bravery, is now being held on a $200,000 bond. Prosecutors have charged him with attempted murder, residential entry, and pointing a firearm at another, reports the Post.

This is how the incident transpired.

According to the probable cause affidavit that has been filed, Aurs and his wife had been living separately since last December, when she filed a restraining order after a fight that left her with bruises. But a few days later, the restraining order against Aurs was dropped after he threatened her that he would claim that he was being abused too.

The couple’s two children, aged 2 and 8, were staying with the wife at the time of the incident.

On Friday night, Aurs reportedly showed up at the apartment, telling his wife that he wanted to meet his children. But the wife, reportedly anxious about the safety of her children, did not want Adrian to see them. But Aurs forced his way in, telling her that he “would leave when [he’s] ready.”

All this while, Aurs apparently kept accusing his wife of keeping his children away from him. Worried, his wife told him that she would call 911, at which point Adrian snatched her cellphone away from her. He left a short while later and took his wife’s car keys with him.

The woman then called 911.

Some time later, Aurs’ colleague at the police department, Robert Pearsey, arrived at the house to investigate the domestic violence incident. According to Indy Star, he was taking a taped statement from Aurs’ wife when he broke in through the back door of the house.

Already on a tenterhook, and now apparently enraged at having seen another man in the living room with his wife, Aurs shot thrice at Pearsey. He then pointed the gun at his wife and yelled out the following words:

“What are you laughing at with another man in your apartment?”

Gun fire

Luckily for Pearsey, the gunshots did not strike his vital organs — hitting him in the elbow and the side — thus saving him.

Adrian’s wife followed him outside, fearing that he would take his own life after shooting his fellow officer. According to the court documents, a woman who lives next door to where the incident took place heard a “pop,” followed by loud banging on her door. When her husband looked outside, he saw Aurs’ wife carrying her child while he still had the gun in his hand.

At his point, the neighbor went out the back door in an effort to calm Aurs. The Indianapolis police officer, obviously troubled at having shot his fellow officer, was eager to end his own life, according to WTHR.

“Step the f**k back, or I’m gonna hurt you,” Aurs reportedly said, pointing the gun at the man. He then pointed the gun at himself.

“I want to see my kids one more time,” Aurs told the husband. “I shot my friend.”

The husband finally managed to calm him down, after which Adrian fled in his truck. While he was driving, court documents show that he called his wife’s father, and apologized to him for his actions.

After a coordinated effort with the Cincinnati Police, Indianapolis police officers managed to apprehend Adrian Aurs almost four hours later, but not before he had barricaded himself in his red Chevrolet Silverado.

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