Black Lives Matter Protestors Cause Chaos At Britain’s Airports: ‘This Is A Nationwide Shutdown’

Black Lives Matter protesters have caused chaos at Britain’s airports as part of a planned campaign to bring the UK to a standstill on the anniversary of the 2011 London riots.

Transport routes across the country have been brought to a halt as demonstrators have taken to laying across the roads in an attempt to cause what the Black Lives Matter campaigners have called a “nationwide shutdown.”

Nottingham’s tram system has come to a grinding halt as a result of the demonstrations, and approach roads to Heathrow and Birmingham airports have been closed after protesters lay across the three terminals leading to the airports.

Lying in front of a banner which treads, “This Is A Crisis,” the Black Lives Matter protestors tweeted this morning, “We call a nationwide #Shutdown: 05.08.16. #Shutdown racism. #Shutdown violence. #Shutdown borders. #BlackLivesMatter”

It is thought the protests are being staged as part of #BlackAugust, a campaign to raise awareness of racism.

The demonstration has incurred the wrath of many an angry motorists and air passengers whose holiday plans have been thrown into turmoil by the Black Lives Matter protestors.

The group has staged its demonstration at a busy time of the year, when many families are heading off for their summer holidays.

Heathrow Airport

The Telegraph reports that the main road leading to Birmingham airport was cleared at around 9am, and the police arrested five people for highway obstruction, but long tailbacks have built up on the roads to Heathrow.

There has been little sympathy for the Black Lives Matter protestors on social media, with many taking to Twitter to vent their disgust.


George Howe, wrote, “All the families on their way to Heathrow that have worked hard all year round to have a holiday and you get a load berks with a banner.”

David Malley added, “I’m all for equality but how does stopping hard working people from going on holiday at Heathrow help? #BlackLivesMatter.”

Becca Anastasia tweeted, “#blacklivesmatter blocking Heathrow is pathetic, people work hard all year round to go on holiday..why aren’t these people at work?”

And Lady Durrant wrote, “How utterly selfish! Why ruin innocent people’s holiday or work? Every life matters, not just #BlackLivesMatter”

I Voted Leave tweeted, “UK branch of Black Lives Matter ruining thousands of people’s holidays to draw attention to an issue which does not exist in the UK.”

Mike Lowry wrote, “There doesn’t have to be weekly shootings of black people in the UK for people to protest black lives matter here you know.”

Sharon McGonigal tweeted, “Why is ‘black lives matter’ in the UK? As far as I’m concerned #AllLivesMatter.”


Yet in support of the protestors who have been blocked from public view by screens that the police have put in place, Elainovision Union wrote, “Amount of people responding to #Shutdown with ‘we don’t need Black Lives Matter in the UK’ is showing why we do, and why we need protests.”

The Facebook event page of the group protesting reads, “5 years ago. 1 day after they killed Mark Duggan. 1 day before the riots. A moment for rage, reflection and rebuilding. A moment for coordinated nationwide action.”

Mark Duggan was shot in August 2011 by police, and his death sparked the London riots that brought chaos to the UK’s capital.

The Daily Mail reports, “Violent gangster Duggan was holding a gun when a police marksman opened fire, and the officer shot him because he saw the weapon and thought the gangster was about to open fire.

“In the aftermath of Duggan’s death, supposed witnesses claimed they saw police marksmen shoot him after he had already given himself up.

“Before his death, Duggan, 29, was considered to be one of Britain’s most violent gangsters who was linked to ten shootings and two murders.”

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