‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’: Aubrey O’Day Says She’ll Get Boyfriend Pauly D To Beat Up Stephen Bear, Frankie Grande Locks Lips With U.K. Houseguest Grant Bovey

Thursday night’s episode of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother 18 included drama and titillation, as American singer Aubrey O’Day became fed up and swore she’d have boyfriend Pauly D stand up for her, not knowing he apparently ended their relationship while she was sequestered in the house. Additionally, Frankie Grande, the older brother of pop singer Ariana Grande, shared a kiss with one of his British roommates.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on Wednesday’s episode of the series, Celebrity Big Brother 18 cast members were split into two teams in a food or grocery challenge. The house magically traveled through time to the year 2026, so one group became artificials or robots, and the other their human masters.

Singer Aubrey O’Day was a designated robot who was assigned to serve U.K. reality star Stephen Bear. She was unhappy with his requests and was seen on Wednesday’s episode spitting in a sandwich and drink she prepared for him, which he consumed. The Inquisitr previously reported that Big Brother producers called her to the Diary Room and chastised her for this stomach-turning behavior, issuing her a formal warning in the process.

In the most recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, Aubrey continued to express disdain for Bear and the human team in general. She said this in the Diary Room.

“There’s just so many levels of disrespect happening right now in this house, it’s crazy. It really is interesting when you give a group of people the power. There’s a way to be competitive and win your task without treating people like trash. Like it’s really degrading… everyone else in the house is taking it, and then I acted extreme yesterday. I’m like really hoping that some kind of middle ground can be met because this is a really unhealthy way to… live everyday. Bear’s acting like a complete [expletive] child.”

Aubrey went on to call Heavy D, who stars in the television series Storage Hunters U.K., “foul” and a “disgusting human being,” who gives her the creeps when she looks at him. She especially thought it was nasty that he gave his Celebrity Big Brother 18 artificial or robot Chloe Khan his dirty underwear to wash.

In one segment of Thursday’s Celebrity Big Brother 18, Bear asked Aubrey if she could give him a hand massage while he ate.

She quietly said, “Sure,” and then whispered to her fellow robot housemates, “I’m going to have my boyfriend kick his [expletives] when we get home.”

Earlier this week, TMZ reported Pauly ended his nine-month relationship with Aubrey only “days after she left to shoot” the U.K. reality show. Clearly, she has no idea about the split, as she is still referring to Pauly as her “boyfriend.”

In the meantime, the robot-versus-humans tasks continued, with one of them involving each side trying to get an emotional response out of the other. Frankie, along with fellow cast members Chloe Khan and Grant Bovey, took part in attempting to create a visible emotional response by doing something shocking.

As the Celebrity Big Brother 18 humans looked on, Chloe opened her robot vest to expose a revealing, barely-there top, while next to her stood Frankie and Grant.

While Chloe posed seductively, Grant turned to Frankie and blurted out an expletive, adding, “I’m gay,” and the two men began kissing, appearing quite passionate about their task. The kiss was apparently so convincing that viewers of the show were “stunned,” according to a Metro report.

One houseguest, Heavy D, who has a major crush on Chloe, just couldn’t contain himself and was seen rolling from the living room sofa to the floor, losing the shock portion of the task for the humans.

When asked by one fellow human why he lost control, Heavy D proclaimed, “I couldn’t stop… they got my weak point… I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry.”

At the end of Thursday’s task, Big Brother announced the artificials or robots had won more tasks, thus they were able to obtain luxury groceries, while the human group may only eat basic food for the week.

Frankie’s task partner, Grant, along with U.K. radio personality James Whales, are currently up for eviction this week, thus the Americans in the house are safe for now.

[Image via Channel 5]