Rihanna Visits A Strip Club And Posts Pictures

Rihanna has firmly established herself as the raunchiest pop star in the world. She’s done this by wearing very little on stage, prancing around provocatively in her videos, and appearing on the front of almost every respected magazine in the world. It now also turns out that she likes to visit strip clubs too, all of which makes her pretty awesome.

Earlier this week whilst at one of these fine establishments, Rihanna decided to document her time there by taking a photo of one of the professionals unclothing on top of her and then posting it on her Twitter page. Several hours before, she had uploaded several images of her and her friend Melissa Forde having fun before their escapades truly began.

In the photo, a topless stripper is covered in money and has her head stuck between Rihanna’s thighs whilst she’s also holding her breasts in her hands. She captioned it ‘Bands ah make her dance,’ a reference to the US rapper Juicy J’s song “Bands Will Make Her Dance.”

Over the last few months, Rihanna has visited several other clubs in New York including Perfections from which she also posted some rather suggestive images as the eager dancers showed her their talents. She had claimed in this image that “my daddy would be proud,” obviously forgetting that millions of other people around the world were too.

It also seems like she does all of this to relieve stress adding, “Best stress reliever = $tripper$. Kill it Tip it #Cake.” As long as it keeps her away from Chris Brown, then I think we’ll all be happy.