Drake Takes Shots At Hot 97 Radio Station, Eminem Confident He Could Beat Drake In A Rap Battle

It seems like Drake can’t catch a break from the heat being stirred around the alleged rap beef between himself and Eminem.

We’ve seen that Meek Mill fell below the radar when Drake buried him beneath diss tracks, but it doesn’t appear to be as easy with hip-hop artists like Eminem potentially stepping up to the plate. Rumors surrounding Drake and his thoughts on Eminem have surfaced amid the tension growing between himself and Joe Budden. As a result, Em (also known as “Slim Shady”) could be gravitating toward joining the fray and serving a few bars of his own.

Rumors sparked when Ebro, a Hot 97 media personality, mentioned that Drake had something to say about the thought of Eminem starting beef with him. Ebro stated that Drake appeared to have little concern for the “Lose Yourself” rapper, even going so far as to say that he “had something for him, too.” Of course, this would light a fire in any beast’s belly who knew that they were worth their salt. Word has since then gotten to Eminem about Drake’s alleged comments.

A report by Hollywood Life reveals that Eminem is certain that he would beat Drake in a rap battle. An insider weighed in on the matter, assuring that Em would claim victory in no time.

“Marshall thinks Drake is a great studio rapper,” a source stated. “He has a great sound and has plenty of hooks that are amazing. But when it comes to street rapping — battle rapping — Drizzy would get destroyed.”

The source close to Eminem continued, noting that there would be no doubt after the feud was done.

“Marshall knows it would be a quick knockout,” the insider said.

It’s undeniable that Eminem has a track record full of bodies. From Nick Cannon to The Backstreet Boys, none have been safe from the wrath of Slim Shady when he steps into the booth. Still, Drake isn’t exactly pleased with the fact that outside sources are stirring rumors. In response, the “Headlines” rapper made his voice heard.

During his Madison Square Garden concert, Drake had a message for those at Hot 97.

“F*** Hot 97.”

This most likely comes as a result of the heat generated from the rumors that Ebro was spreading. Ebro took to Twitter and admitted that his words were nothing more than a joke, but the reaction by social media had already begun a massive storm in regards to the feud between the OVO rapper Drake and Slim Shady. A report by NJ.com reveals that Drake had choice words for Funkmaster Flex, and the message was clear.

“They tellin’ lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes,” Drake said. “I told ’em Fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show.”

These are harsh words coming from the Toronto rapper, especially since Ebro admitted that the rumor was only a joke. Still, the heat between rappers appears to have been established already.

Funkmaster Flex, a veteran DJ for Hot 97, had words in response to Drake’s statements.

“Hahahaha!!!” Flex tweeted. “7p.m. Sat I got a story to tell! @Drake u gonna learn!”

There’s no telling what Flex could have in store for Drake, but the context suggests that Drizzy isn’t going to like what will be revealed. Furthermore, there’s history between the Toronto native and the Hot 97 station. Ebro’s words might have been rumors, but the hostility seems very real. If Funkmaster Flex returns fire, we could see a lot more beef than what was falsely stated.

Who would you claim as the victor in a rap battle between Eminem and Drake? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]