‘Mommy Is White Trash’ — Britney Spears Forced To Be Sexy, Pursues Selena Gomez And Disses Taylor Swift So She Can Date Justin Bieber?

Britney Spears has long been a subject of controversy. Ever since she burst on the scene as a 16-year-old wearing a midriff-baring sexy schoolgirl outfit, Britney-watchers have wondered if Spears was being pushed by her team to conform to a super-sexy image.

As recently as 2013, at the time of the release of Britney’s last album, Lainey Gossip reported that Spears was tired of being pushed to mime sex acts in her videos. Britney said that she wished her videos would showcase her widely-acknowledged skill as a dancer, which she demonstrates almost nightly during physically challenging, high-octane dance routines on her much-lauded Vegas residency.

A radio host asked Britney if her team pushes her to be as sexy as possible on the set of her videos and photo shoots.

Britney answered “Yes.”

Earlier this year, The Star reported that Britney Spears starred in a steamy video that showed her simulating oral sex. There is a racy scene where Spears sings “Just put your lips together and blow” while performing some sexually suggestive dance moves.

A report by Gawker suggests that Britney’s psychological life may be in turmoil. Spears apparently told her young sons “Mommy is white trash” as a way of explaining her crazy behavior to her boys.

Britney has sex in front of her kids, whips them with a belt, and even forces them to eat food they are allergic to, according to the report.

“Mommy is white trash,” she explained at one point.

Britney’s affairs have long been under the control of her dad Jamie Spears. Some people expected Britney’s sexpot image to be toned down after her dad took control of her career, but that did not happen. Lainey Gossip notes with outrage that “Britney is not legally in charge of her own life and they’re still putting her on the hustle?”

The most concerning aspect of Britney’s situation is that she is over 30 years old, a mother of two, and has a conservator. Someone who decides what she works on, where she performs, WHO SHE DATES.

Britney says that “a lot of sex goes into” what she does, and she sometimes wishes it was not so.

“A lot of sex goes into what I do. But sometimes I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re dancing the whole video, and there’s like not that much sex stuff going on. It’s about the dance and it’s about being old school, it’s like keeping it real and just making it about the dance. I’d love to do a video like that.”

Tabloids went crazy recently after reports emerged claiming that Britney Spears wants to date Justin Bieber. Reports claimed that “She really wants to get closer with him.”

Capital FM reports that Spears was not put off by the age difference (Britney is 34 and Justin, 22.) Britney was reportedly heartened and encouraged by the fact that Justin Bieber seems open to dating older women — Justin dated Kourtney Kardashian, who is actually a few years older than Britney Spears.

Some fans in the millennial age group have dubbed Justin Bieber “our generation’s Britney Spears” because both shot to fame at such a young age, and both have had periods of deep controversy and bad press, followed by comebacks that surprised everybody.

Soon after the Justin Bieber dating reports emerged, Britney publicly dissed Justin Bieber’s enemy Taylor Swift! Britney told an Australian reporter that she has never met Taylor. Shortly after that, photo evidence emerged showing that Britney has met Taylor Swift – not just once, but twice!

Could Britney have been sending a message of support to Justin by dissing his enemy?

Britney may also be attempting to wrangle her way into the Bieber circle by pursuing Justin’s long-time on-off love, Selena Gomez. List reports that Britney tweeted to Selena Gomez saying that she would love to do a duet. However, Selena was slow to respond.

Perhaps Selena had read the reports that Britney was pursuing Justin and didn’t like the idea. Many outlets have reported that Selena was upset when Justin hooked up with people like Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Jayde Pierce. However, List notes that Selena could potentially take up Britney’s offer in the end, because Selena has been a massive fan of Britney’s since she was a child.

Britney seems to agree with fans who say that she and Justin Bieber have a lot in common. Earlier this year, Daily Mail reported that Britney told reporters that she feels for Justin.

Spears said that she understands what it’s like to be in the public eye and have people criticize you constantly. Justin Bieber has spoken about this issue on many occasions, especially when he was hit with a wave of bad press following some arrests a few years ago.

‘Whoever is in the spotlight, people are really quick to judge. I mean, there are a lot of kids coming up who’ve experienced that. You know, Justin Bieber, he’s huge, and he experiences that. It’s just the way the world works, unfortunately.’

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