‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won August 4 HOH In ‘BB18’ House?

Big Brother 18 spoilers from late Thursday, August 4, will include the latest BB18 HOH winner. Who won the August 4 HOH was determined by a familiar competition to viewers of the show. As seen when the Thursday night episode came to a close, the houseguests each had to stand on a small platform as they hung on to a rope that swung them around the backyard. The last person left standing would be named the Head of Household for the week.

When the CBS live feeds turned back on, James Huling and Bridgette Dunning had already fallen off. That left just seven people competing to become the new HOH (Paul Abrahamian couldn’t participate as the outgoing HOH). Corey Brooks was the next person to fall, lasting only a few minutes longer than James and Bridgette. Michelle Meyer started vomiting soon after that, with the spinning getting to her. She stayed in the challenge a few more minutes after getting sick, but Michelle would eventually fall off the disc.

Who wins the August 4 HOH came down to just five people at this point. About half an hour into the competition, the remaining participants were Zakiyah Everette, Paulie Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Natalie Negrotti, and Victor Arroyo. For readers who want to catch up on what took place during the Thursday night eviction episode, a report by the Inquisitr is available for consumption. Da’Vonne Rogers was the latest person to get evicted from the BB18 house, making her the first member of the summer 2016 jury.

Back to the Big Brother 18 spoilers from Thursday night, Nicole Franzel fell out of the HOH competition about an hour (10:44 p.m. ET) into its progression. That left just four people competing for the power this week (Paulie, Zakiyah, Natalie, and Victor). Victor was trying to work out deals for about the first hour of the HOH competition, but he couldn’t really get anyone in the BB18 house to bite on his offers. Da’Vonne warned him when she was evicted that he could be next, so it would be in his best interest to win this challenge.

The first three houseguests to drop out of the August 4 HOH competition are going to be “Have Nots” for the week. Those three houseguests are James Huling, Bridgette Dunning, and Corey Brooks. There had been previous Big Brother 18 spoilers on the live feeds that James planned on throwing this competition, but viewers won’t know for sure what he decided to do until the Sunday, August 7, episode of the show. It’s a risky move to pass up the power and also accept the punishments of being a Have Not again.

The next two people to drop out of the HOH competition were Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore (in that order), leaving just Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti competing for the title. Natalie has been stating that she only wanted to win the HOH in order to get a letter from her mom, apologizing to her if she ends up falling and losing the chance to read it. At just about 11 p.m. ET, it looked like Victor and Natalie could both be up on those discs for quite a bit of time.

At just about 11:25 p.m. ET, it looked like Victor could outlast Natalie, as she was spinning a lot and experiencing a lot of pain on her disc. Both houseguests have been congratulating each other for making it this far in the HOH competition. The deal discussions also came to an end, with Natalie refusing to give up and Victor refusing to drop because he feared getting evicted from the BB18 house again next week.

When 11:35 p.m. ET hit, Natalie Negrotti was talking about feeling really sick due to the spinning, while Victor Arroyo looked ready to go all night. Despite that, the duo was still battling it out at 11:45 p.m. ET. Right about 11:49 p.m. ET (8:49 p.m. PT), Natalie, who secured safety first, dropped out of the competition. Who is the new Big Brother 18 HOH? It’s Victor Arroyo.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]