‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 4 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Gets Ready For New HOH

This August 4 Big Brother 18 recap comes from late Thursday night. Within the episode, the BB18 house was shown discussing how the coming eviction would play out. It laid the groundwork for how many of the houseguests would be deciding on who to vote for during the “live” hour. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Thursday, August 4, at 9 p.m. PT/ET, with host Julie Chen getting a one-on-one meeting with either Bridgette Dunning or Da’Vonne Rogers.

The Veto ceremony took place on Monday, August 1, giving a lot of time for the 11 houseguests to discuss who would be evicted and how the vote would play out. It also included how many of the houseguests would deal with a possible double eviction on Thursday night. This showcased how James Huling made a big mistake with his own plans, stating that the next set of targets should be Bridgette and Victor Arroyo. The conversation took place with Da’Vonne in the room, giving her a strong hint that Bridgette wasn’t going home at the next eviction.

Many previous Big Brother 18 spoilers pointed to James turning on Da’Vonne, but on Thursday night, CBS viewers were finally shown some important conversations that he participated in. In a Diary Room session, he showed a lot of guilt for going down a road that would lead to Da’Vonne getting evicted. He also had a discussion with Da’Vonne and Natalie Negrotti present, where he waffled when asked if he was going to save her during the eviction vote. James might have also been turning against a valuable ally in the BB18 house.

This August 4 Big Brother 18 recap includes a segment where the family of Paul Abrahamian was shown. He has a very outgoing family cheering him on and predicting that Paul and Paulie Calafiore are going to make it to the final two this summer. Paul’s mother noted that Paulie is starting to look a lot like Paul now, which she doesn’t mind, as it gives her two sons. Paul’s best friend outside of the BB18 house was interviewed, where he stated he was feeling a bit of jealousy about Paul’s close relationship with Paulie.

It’s at this point of the August 4 Big Brother 18 recap where it’s safe to note that a double eviction wasn’t taking place during this episode. About 30 minutes into the episode, host Julie Chen hadn’t even spoken to the houseguests in the living room, though the feeds did show most of them in workout clothes. It caused many fans to claim that an endurance competition would be coming to decide who would become the next Head of Household. It could guarantee that a new HOH would be crowned on the CBS live feeds later in the evening.

To kick off the second half of the August 4 episode, Julie Chen told the houseguests that this eviction would decide the first member of the BB18 jury. Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers each gave their speeches requesting to remain in the house and the voting began. Paulie Calafiore voted first, going with Da’Vonne as his choice. Zakiyah Everette voted to evict Bridgette, Nicole Franzel voted to evict Da’Vonne, Michelle Meyer voted to evict Bridgette, and the count was 2-2.

In the second half of the eviction voting, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, James Huling, and Natalie Negrotti all voted to evict Da’Vonne. By a vote of 6-2, Da’Vonne Rogers became the first member of the BB18 jury. Da’Vonne had her one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen, telling her that she knew she was about to get evicted. Da’Vonne had also warned Victor on her way out the door that he was going to be the next target, possibly giving him some important information that could come into play later. The houseguests were then seen on the viewscreen sitting in silence following the vote.

During her meeting with Julie Chen, Da’Vonne Rogers was shown videos from several houseguests, including one where Paul Abrahamian stated he didn’t know how she was evicted. It seemed like a ploy for her vote, should Paul make it to the end of the show. Da’Vonne did not have the Return Ticket and the BB18 house then began participating in the latest HOH competition. It is an endurance challenge that wouldn’t be completed during the episode, which could lead to a lot of Big Brother 18 spoilers later Thursday night. Readers interested in the HOH competition can view an updated report by the Inquisitr here.

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