Drake Wants To Get Rihanna Pregnant — Says He’ll ‘Go Half On A Baby’

It’s no secret that Drake wants Rihanna. During a recent concert, the rapper revealed that he really wants to get Rihanna pregnant. While performing at the OVO Fest in Toronto just days ago, Drake told the audience, “We might have to go half on a baby!”

Drake’s revelation about wanting a baby with Rihanna has only added fuel to the rumors that the two entertainers have been hiding a secret relationship for months. Not to mention that Rihanna showed up for two days of OVO Fest, the reason that Drake decided to talk about her and ended up gushing about little Rihanna babies while performing his set during his popular hometown festival.

You showed up two nights in a row for my city. You might have to go half on a baby.

Dlisted claimed that Drake was only joking when he made comments about wanting to get Rihanna pregnant. If he was only kidding, though, the notoriously sensitive rapper must not mind that it will only make the whispers that he and Rihanna are really a couple get even worse. It also didn’t sound very silly when Drake went on to call his alleged secret girlfriend “the greatest entertainer in the world.”

Rihanna did show up for two days of Drake’s OVO Festival and performed with him during his set. Based on their chemistry together on stage, it wouldn’t be too surprising if there was some baby making going on. Or at least a bit of practice for that future baby that Drake has planned with Rihanna.

According to E! News, the Drake and Rihanna relationship that everyone is talking about isn’t even entirely real. Even though the two entertainers have been spending a lot of time together lately, they aren’t official in public or in secret.

The gossip site claimed that Drake has been pushing for more than just friends with Rihanna for years and would love to make babies with her. On the other hand, they claim that Rihanna has been resistant to settle down with the Toronto rapper. Is it possible that Drake and Rihanna are unofficially an item and have just been taking their renewed romance really slow?

Fans really want to see Drake and Rihanna happen again as evidenced by the insane applause when the OVO Fest creator started talking about making babies on stage.

Rihanna was introduced during the surprise performances as a special guest of Drake. She took the stage to perform “Needed Me” and “B***h Better Have My Money.” Then Drake joined Rihanna on stage where they performed “Work” And “Too Good” together.

It was during this most recent performance that Drake and Rihanna looked hotter than ever. They really have a great vibe and obviously enjoy the onstage flirtation. It would be hard to imagine that their performance could be that believable onstage if Drake and Rihanna didn’t have a little something going on in private as well.

Many of their fans think it’s just a matter of time before Drake and Rihanna do go public with their romance again. If they do, does it mean that Drake did get Rihanna pregnant like he told the OVO Festival crowd that he wanted to do? Obviously, we’ll all have to wait it out and see if the undeniable chemistry is too hard to resist or if Drake and Rihanna are just playing with their fans because obviously their constant flirtation keeps fans talking about them.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]