‘Fallout 4’: Track Companions With New DLC And Kill The Sarcastic Marcy Long

The new Fallout 4 DLC provides for an interesting device found in the Vault-Tec Workshop. According to GameNGuide, Vault 111 dwellers had a problem trying to locate misplaced companions, and with just a terminal called the Vault-Tec Population Management System, this issue is resolved.

From there, go into the terminal’s menu and locate the corresponding companion in the VIP tracker. Select one of your choosing. For example, if “Show Dogmeat” is selected, the German Shepard companion’s location can be marked. Also, there’s an option to reveal all of them at once.

The construction of the Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Population Management System can be built at any settlement by selecting Power/Miscellaneous. It also has other uses such as managing your settlers, keeping tabs on them, and even assigning the game’s unemployed.

The Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop DLC also has a quest to allow full access to Vault 88. According to GameRanx, this new game expansion allows for the usage of untarnished components for comfortable living as opposed to scraps found in the Commonwealth wasteland.

There is, however, a particular non-player character in Fallout 4 that you wouldn’t want as a companion, as she is touted as the most despised in the Commonwealth. Marcy Long is a back-talking ingrate who vault-dwellers long to take out. She couldn’t be killed in the previous patch, but now, the new Fallout 4 1.7 version revealed a long list of updates by Bethesda, including the infamous “Sanctuary” settler.

  • Jun and Marcy Long are no longer essential after completing “Sanctuary.”

Fallout 4 game players rejoiced as they found different ways to get Marcy Long to meet her demise. One YouTuber unloaded onto her everything but the kitchen sink.

Warning: The following video is NSFW due to graphic violence and gore.

Prior to the update, players were always trying to find ways to kill Marcy or at least be rid of her in some way. Nexus Mods has a mod that allows for this. It’s simply called “Kill Marcy Long.” There’s another Fallout 4 game player who just walled in the NPC by using one of the settlement’s materials.

Fallout 4 players have come up with ways to torture Marcy Long by having her go against a Death Claw, dropping her in a cage of ghouls, and, most amusingly, getting into a boxing match with the annoying settlement-pushing Preston Garvey. YouTuber DiscoGnome gave a commentary.

Sympathy could be felt for Marcy as she does have a history. She lost her son to the Gunners of the Fallout 4 wasteland. She suffers from PTSD and holds a lack of trust for most people. She is obviously bitter and cynical as a result. Of course, the sole survivor of Vault 111 gets the brunt of her attitude as if she isn’t the only one who lost someone in the Fallout 4 wasteland. Don’t forget, your spouse was murdered and your son was kidnapped, so you would think she could relate to the vault dweller.

Some people like night caps, and others like to keep Marcy Alive in a saved Fallout 4 game so they can return to kill her again and again. A YouTube commenter gave his view.

“I’m keeping an old save with her alive just so I can kill her before bed every night.”

One told a story of an unfavorable experience with the NPC cynic.

“So I’m sitting there and Marcy says that she’ll stop complaining once there’s nothing left to complain about. B**ch, you’re standing inside the closet, I could make to a post-apocalyptic TGI Fridays! So I pulled out my rifle and popped her in the head. I got a few ‘whoa whoa whoas’ and ‘Piper hated that’ from the assembled townsfolk, but they didn’t aggro me and you could tell it was all half-hearted to keep up appearances. They all hated that b**ch as much as I did.”

With Fallout 4, it looks like anything can happen in the open-world game.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]