Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’: Why Singer’s Unreleased 2016 Album Is Beginning Of A New Era, Pop Queen Leaks Pre-Order Info And More On Instagram

Britney Spears has been in the pop music game a long time. So, when she teases an album (or even so much as leaks a track), it’s no real surprise that her fans go totally haywire. The Pop Queen has been discussing her new album, Glory, in one form or another for almost two years, though it’s only recently we had a name and some info on her ninth studio effort. Here’s what we know so far, and what we’re hoping to see next.

Britney Spears Glory

Britney And The Big Apple

Glory is available now for pre-order on Apple Music. Miss Spears shouted out to fans on Instagram to let them know where and when they could grab her new album. At the moment, “Make Me” and “Private Show” have been released as singles, but the rest of the songs are unnamed on iTunes and fans will have to purchase the record to see the rest. If you wanna jam out early before the album drops officially on August 26, click on over and pre-order Glory now.

The Start Of An Era?

Entertainment Tonight discovered a tweet that hails Glory as the “beginning of a new era,” but doesn’t go into specifics. Brit has had several “phases” in her career, including her crazy, shave-her-hair “Blackout” era, her innocent “Oops I Did It Again” days. The “Oops I Did It Again” songstress’ music has changed as she has, growing with her and expressing her fears, dreams, and hopes at each stage of her life. As she matures into her “mom who works” phase, what can we expect to see from Glory?

Britney Spears Glory

Even though the 34-year-old singer is a mother of two kids, she’s still not shy about showing her Femme Fatale side. If the videos from “Private Show” and “Make Me” are anything to go by, we’re in for a lot of catchy, dance-your-face-off songs featuring the diva dancing like she’s in a nightclub — and a super adult one at that.

Don’t “Breathe” A Word

A potential tracklist for Glory leaked on the internet recently (take that as you will). Thanks to super fangirl site, we now have more clues as to what might be on the new album.

The alleged Britney Spears Glory tracklist:
1. Invitation
2. Make Me, featuring G-Eazy
3. Private Show
4. Clumsy
5. Walk Of Fame, featuring Ty Dolla $ign
6. Just Luv Me, featuring Cashmere Cat
7. Liar
8. Trick Or Treat, featuring Missy Elliott (Explicit)
9. Take Control
10. Glory
11. Accelerate
12. Man On The Moon

Internet leaks seem to be fairly reliable where the Pop Queen is concerned, but there’s still the possibility for change before Glory comes out. Fans of other pop musicians might recognize some of the rumored collaboration artists. Cashmere Cat was featured on Ariana Grande’s song “Adore,” while Ty Dolla $ign co-wrote and helped Fifth Harmony out with their single “Work From Home.” Not a huge mystery as to what demographic Glory is targeting.

Legacy Of A Musician

After 2013’s lukewarm Britney Jean, the “Toxic” musician has a bit of a way to climb back up to the top. Even the botched album did sell 107,000 copies, though this is fairly low for the reigning Pop Queen. Britney Jean contained a mixture of both fun, catchy songs, and slower, more heartfelt ballads, so it’s likely that Glory will be more of the same. The L.A. Times found a tweet where the mother-of-two touted her new album as having “17 Glorious tracks,” possibly the origin of its name.

Family Re-Reunion?

Britney Jean also contained a duet with Brit’s sister, actress/singer Jaime Lynn Spears. Could we see another duet between the two pop divas on Glory? The song “When I’m With You” was a song about the sisters’ love for each other. Britney is very close with her family, so another Jaime Lynn collaboration wouldn’t totally be out of the question.

Let us know your predictions for Glory below; what do you want to see or hear, and who do you want to see Brit collaborate with?

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