‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Shades Her Mom Barbara On Twitter, Gushes Over Boyfriend David Eason?

Jenelle Evans appears to have dissed her mom on Twitter just after gushing over her relationship with boyfriend David Eason.

On Twitter this week, the Teen Mom 2 star has shared a number of posts with fans, including an announcement that she would soon be traveling to Los Angeles for the MTV Video Music Awards, and in one of those posts, Jenelle Evans seemed to shade her mother, Barbara Evans.

“Me when my mom tells people my business,” read a retweet from Life Facts which Jenelle Evans shared with her fans on August 4. Along with the message in the post, a photo of Kylie Jenner looking strangely at her mother, Kris Jenner, was shared.

Prior to Jenelle Evans’ apparent shade of her mother, the reality star retweeted a message originally posted by Girl Code. The message read, “It’s beautiful seeing a guy love his girl and showing her that he appreciates her, just them being happy is amazing.”

Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara, has taken a lot of heat from her daughter on Teen Mom 2 in recent years, despite having raised her 7-year-old son Jace. Although Barbara has clearly taken on a major responsibility on Evans’ behalf, the two women are often seen feuding over Evans’ many relationships and sometimes questionable choices.

While Jenelle Evans has expressed interest in regaining custody of her son, her mother, who has been his primary caretaker since shortly after his birth, has reservations about where she is in life. For the past several years, Jenelle Evans has been in and out of relationships, and years ago, she struggled with an addiction to drugs. Still, Jenelle Evans insists she has changed for the better in recent years, and on Facebook at the end of last month, she announced she was planning to build a new home in North Carolina.

Months ago, Jenelle Evans spoke out about her custody drama with Barbara.

“Jace recently asked me: ‘When can I live with you again?'” Jenelle Evans revealed to People Magazine in March. “I said: ‘Well, hopefully by the summer you’ll be living here.’ But that’s all I told him – I don’t want him to know too much right now ’cause it’s really detrimental.”

“We really don’t talk other than if it’s about Jace, because if we are around each other too much we start arguing,” Evans added of her relationship with her mother.

Also in her interview with People Magazine, Jenelle Evans discussed her boyfriend, Eason, whom she’s been dating since last fall.

“He’s a very hard worker, and I love that about him,” Jenelle Evans explained. “He doesn’t care about me making money, or how much I get, he still pays his own bills, and he still gives me money for rent and everything, which I’ve never had any boyfriend do!”

“Jace absolutely loves him, [he] always wants to be around him,” she continued. “And he has an 8-year-old daughter that comes and spends the weekends along with Jace, so they get along very well and everyone is just really happy.”

Jenelle Evans went on to say that while she could “definitely see him as a great person [to have kids with],” the two were taking things slow. Months later, however, reports claim Jenelle Evans is currently expecting her third child.

Jenelle Evans and her family, including David Eason and her sons, Jace and Kaiser, are currently in production on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]