Glenn Beck’s Confused Reaction To This Election Year Offers Insight Into The View Of The Political Insurgent

In a recent interview with Meet The Press, conservative talk show owner for The Blaze Network, Glenn Beck, talked about his frustration with this election cycle, over both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It’s been a while since Glenn Beck has made any big waves, ever since he left Fox News, which is likely fine with him as his own independent network allows him to approach news in his own way, in his own style, and his own message.

In the interview, Glenn Beck expressed this when he referred to his own little bubble from which it seems that his political view is entirely manufactured.

And it appears that his approach to this political year is no real approach at all, guided by bad information, formed by a combination of conservative sources, and packaged as his own propaganda, which is all he needs to convince himself that he’s somehow right.

Glenn Beck's spin on conservative media already spins in the wrong direction.
The trend from conservative media that Glenn Beck relies on is more about sabotage than it is to actually trying to make the process work. This is apparent from other conservative voices who say they are not going to work with Democrats, which appeals to their supporters.

From the beginning of his interview, he compares his inability to make sense of this election year, to trying to make sense of the world in the movie Blade Runner, which would have made sense as a reference if this were 1982, which is the year the movie was released back when no one knew quite what to make of the film. But it’s pretty safe to say at this point, however, some decades later, that the majority of people have “got it” now and so do new generations of viewers; so not understanding Blade Runner shouldn’t even be a thing to reference now.


But the fantasy land Glenn Beck is talking about in this election, can reasonably only been seen as one that makes no sense when it applies to comparing the GOP over Democrats, as it is they who have wildly adjusted to their nominee.

Prior to speaking with Glenn Beck, Meet The Press‘ Chuck Todd had interviewed RNC chairman Reince Priebus. Glenn Beck was aghast over how much of an effort Priebus had made to put a positive spin on their party’s nominee the weekend before the Republican National Convention, which Inquisitr wrote about, referring to the changed platform under Donald Trump.

The Republican spin Glenn Beck jumps on already way off the mark.
What’s interesting about his reaction is that Reince Priebus uses the same spin style that Glenn Beck does. That Glenn Beck would be surprised and not taking responsibility for the role he’s played in conservative media to essentially create Donald Trump, is shocking.

It isn’t news that Glenn Beck is not going to support Hillary Clinton, as Republicans who are switching to support her are actually making news. He also doesn’t need a valid reason for his views, as he’s admitted to being alone in how he sees it, such as when he says that both parties are out of touch with the American people.

The Republican platform appears to be, at the very least, out of touch in its platform to accept minorities, Muslims, transgender rights, climate change, etc. In comparison, the Democratic platform has reportedly become the most progressive it’s ever been, thanks to Bernie Sanders. It has adjusted to be far more inclusive, but that they’re somehow out of touch is only true if it means that they don’t include people with platforms who are determined to reject others and 21st century views.

But he continues to express the desire to belong to something, and that need is somehow not being met, because people don’t feel that the country is even the same. This begs the question of how much Beck’s willing to adapt to a changing world, which can be answered immediately that he’s not, and it answers all the questions lingering about his view. It is Glenn Beck who is out of touch and that’s what keeps him in business.

[Image by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP Photo]