‘Days Of Our Lives’: Eric Martsolf On Why Brady Loves Theresa [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives fans are divided on Brady and Theresa’s relationship. Some love the couple together, while others wonder what he sees in the reformed bad girl. Recently, actor Eric Martsolf spoke about the soap opera lovers. Specifically, he explained what Brady Black sees in Theresa Donovan.

There may be potential DOOL spoilers ahead. If you do not want to know what will happen on the NBC soap opera, then stop reading.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brady and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) son was kidnapped. There are a few different suspects, but most eyes are on Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) and Summer Townsend (Marie Wilson).

Jen Lilley spoke to SoapCentral about her leaving Days Of Our Lives and Tate’s kidnapping. It was teased that the abduction storyline will last throughout August. That means it might be a few more weeks before the baby is found.

The trauma of their son going missing is putting a strain on Brady and Theresa’s relationship. Although Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) has warmed up to the young woman, Victor has not. He seems to hate Theresa more than ever. There are signs that he may have arranged the kidnapping of his own grandson. So, what does Eric Martsolf have to say about the Days Of Our Lives storyline?

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, the actor reveals that Brady Black is angry his family won’t let him be happy. First, his father, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), slept with Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) to prove how shady she was. As Days Of Our Lives fans recall, Kristen and Brady were engaged. At the wedding, Victor arranged it so everyone saw a video of Kristen sleeping with Eric, who was not only related to Brady, but was also a priest. Soap operas don’t get any juicier than this.

Fast forward to today and Victor still has to meddle in Brady’s personal life. He always has snide comments about Theresa Donovan. Now, Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay) had a vision that Victor could have been directly involved in Tate’s kidnapping. She didn’t tell Brady and Theresa the news, but they will eventually find out.

As for why Brady loves Theresa, the Days Of Our Lives actor described it perfectly.

“The fact that they are two broken people who’ve been able to create a life with each other is something they are both proud of,” Eric Martsolf told CBS Soaps In Depth. “They’re each other’s saving grace.”

As for Tate’s kidnapping on Days Of Our Lives, the baby will be found. They will also discover who was responsible. However, don’t think the reunion will mean a happy ending. Things are going to once again hit the fan. Eric Martsolf teased that more drama lies ahead for Brady and Theresa.

There are rumors that Kristen DiMera may have kidnapped Tate. Eileen Davidson’s return to Days Of Our Lives has not been confirmed and it is just a theory. Therefore, take this speculation with a grain of salt.

If Kristen took Brady and Theresa’s baby, it could create a complicated legal matter. Theresa might be the biological mother, but Kristen gave birth to the child. Could she plan on suing for custody or visitation? Is this the drama that is in store for the couple? Or will Kristen kill Theresa and that is how Jen Lilley will exit the soap opera?

What do you think will happen with Brady and Theresa’s relationship? Did Victor Kiriakis really arrange Tate’s kidnapping? What kind of chaos is in store for the couple after the baby is found? Keeping watching Days Of Our Lives to find out what happens next.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for NATAS]