Jinger Duggar Is Engaged, But Is She Banned From Getting An Instagram?

Jinger Duggar is now engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, and things seem to be going great for them. Once a Duggar child starts courting, they usually get their own Instagram account. This is a great place for them to share photos with their new significant other and let fans see part of their lives. Jinger Duggar started courting and is already engaged, but she has never got an Instagram page for her fans to follow. The Hollywood Gossip shared that this has fans wondering if Jinger Duggar might be banned from getting her own Instagram page for some reason. It is pretty surprising that she doesn’t have one already.

It is unknown exactly why the Duggar girls can’t get social networks before they are with someone, but it could be so random people they don’t know won’t try to pick them up. Josiah Duggar got an Instagram post when he started courting Marjorie Jackson, and it didn’t work out. Now he doesn’t share posts on it. This could be another reason that Jinger Duggar doesn’t have an Instagram yet. She may be waiting until she is actually married. Her fiancé Jeremy has his own website and has social networks.

Jinger Duggar is really into fashion and loves photography. Viewers have seen her taking engagement photos and more. If Jinger had a social network, she could share all of this stuff on there as well, and fans would love to see that happen. It seems like Jinger Duggar would love an Instagram page if she was allowed to have one. Once she is married, Jinger’s parents really can’t control what she can do, but TLC might have something to say about it. Part of the reason Jinger may not have an Instagram yet could be TLC as well. They do want to keep a lot about her relationship a secret so it will be revealed on the show.

The new season of Counting On is coming very soon, and fans are excited to see it all go down. Nobody has seen Jinger and Jeremy together yet. The show has been filming and will be a lot about their engagement. It was also revealed that it will be about the proposal. There is no word yet on how quick Jinger plans to get married. The Duggar girls don’t usually have a long engagement, and it would be shocking if Jinger did.

People shared that the new season will show the actual proposal. The preview shows Jeremy saying, “It’s really been a privilege for me to get to know you. I wanted to ask you if you would ….” Of course, they stop the preview there and don’t share exactly what Jinger says to him. Everyone knows she is now engaged, but can’t wait to see it all go down on the series. This new season will be 10 episodes long. It will also have a lot to do with Jessa and Ben Seewald wanting to adopt and Jill and Derick Dillard talking about having another child.

So far, it doesn’t look like Josh Duggar will be on the upcoming season even though rumors were running wild that he would be back. It should be a great season that fans are really looking forward to watching. Jinger’s courtship will be the highlight, and there is speculation that there may be another courtship this season as well.

Are you shocked to see that Jinger Duggar doesn’t have an Instagram page of her own yet? Do you think that there is a reason she doesn’t have one yet? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Counting On when it returns to TLC on August 23.

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