California Man Battles Neighbor’s Loud Gospel Music With Pornography

Unhappy with his neighbor’s loud gospel music, a California man decided to strike back with pornography. According to CBS Sacramento, Twain Harte was so agitated with the music blaring from his neighbor’s property that he decided to start watching X-rated videos out in his back yard.

Instead of watching the pornographic flicks on a small television set, Harte opted to move his expensive big-screen TV onto the back deck. In order to teach his religious neighbors a lesson, he fired up a porno and cranked the volume so his enemies could hear every filthy detail.

Although Harte, who claims the gospel music is so bad that his dog even complains about it, was reported to the local police for his loud pornographic screenings, he apparently won’t face charges for his actions. While the scenario is certainly amusing, not everyone in Sacramento thinks Harte’s antics were very funny.

“I think that was a little ridiculous,” Tara Varela explained to the New York Daily News. “He shouldn’t have played porn like that. He could have played … death metal. Anything besides that.”

Even Harte feels that he may have stepped over the line by using pornography to drown out his neighbor’s gospel music. He admits that he did it “just to kind of give them a taste of offensive play there, just a little payback.” Harte added, “But you know, what are you going to do? After all the commotion, I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Harte’s music-loving neighbors were reportedly unavailable for comment. The pornography aficionado, meanwhile, claims that he doesn’t plan to live in the area for much longer. Given that most of his neighbors seem to enjoy these frequent 12-hour gospel music sessions, his decision to leave is probably for the best.

Do you think it was right for Twain Harte to blast pornography in his back yard to get revenge on his neighbors?