June 29, 2017
Chumlee 'Pawn Stars' Update: Rick Harrison's First Interview Since Chum's Legal Troubles

Whew! This year has been a roller coaster ride for Pawn Stars fans. In March, Chumlee was arrested for drugs and weapons charges and there was some question about the reality star's status on the show. As of now, there is still no word from the History Channel on the status of Chumlee on Pawn Stars.

Now that Chumlee has avoided serious jail time with a plea deal, fans from all over the world are still wondering whether the History Channel will make an announcement on what they are going to do with this fan favorite. Although The History Channel has not made any announcements about the status of Austin Lee Russell, fans may wonder if perhaps the recent interview of Rick Harrison, owner of the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, on KTNV may be an indication of Chumlee's fate. So, what did Rick Harrison have to say about Chumlee?
A very relaxed Rick "The Spotter" Harrison spoke at length with the television hosts. His first announcement was that the store has a daily meet and greet throughout the summer. Each day, Rick, Chumlee, and the other stars of the reality show Pawn Stars are available to sign autographs for free. Rick explained that on every Thursday, there is a bucket for the weekly designated charity. Throw a $100 in the bucket and you and a friend get to eat for free at a private lunch at Rick's BBQ restaurant on Friday with Chumlee. What a great treat to hang out with the most popular member of Pawn Stars!

When asked what Chumlee's favorite food is, Rick laughed and said "Chum likes a bit of everything." As the owner of Rick's Rollin Smoke BBQ, Harrison has his own favorites. Rick recommends the burnt ends or the ribs and, of course, the delicious and spicy Arkansauces.

Odds are Chumlee will be eating something that doesn't require two hands. Recently, on his Twitter account, Chumlee mentioned that he has just had surgery on his hand. Thus, he is sporting flip flops, not his stylish tennis shoes, as he currently cannot tie a shoelace.

Rick also explained that the Harrison Charities include a variety of charitable organizations that they support. Rick assured viewers that they have looked into each charity to ensure that the money donated will be used for the charity, not for administration fees and other non-essential expenses that may be a red flag for potential donors.
"We really try hard to vet all the charities to make sure that the money goes where it is supposed to go and not administrative fees. Every week this summer we are there with Pawn Stars to sign an autograph."
Neither the reporters nor Harrison mentioned anything about Chumlee's troubles. Instead, they just focused on the charities, hanging with Chum, and then discussed art. The ease in which the Pawn Stars patriarch spoke of Chumlee does not indicate that the affable Chum is going anywhere. He remains a big draw for fans of the pawn shop, and when talking about him, it is obvious that Chumlee makes Rick Harrison smile and laugh.

Yet, as of now, there is still no word from the History Channel on the status of Chumlee on Pawn Stars. But as Chumlee continues to play such a visible role at the World Famous Gold and Silver Shop, it is hard to imagine that he will not continue to be on the most popular television show on the History Channel.

In a recent Inquisitr piece on Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, that, incidentally, the pawn shop posted on their own website, he indicated that he is taking a month off to go on his boat before the next season of Pawn Stars is set to film in September. Thus, Chumlee has become the big pawn shop draw. This certainly sounds like the History Channel has decided to keep Chumlee on the show and let him do what he does best -- meet fans!

Do you think the History Channel's silence on Chumlee means that they are keeping him on the show? Do you plan on meeting Chumlee at the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop?

[Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for A+E Networks]