Britney Spears Or Rihanna: Who Pranked Jimmy Kimmel Best [Videos]

Britney Spears and Rihanna have pranked Jimmy Kimmel in what might go down in history as the best midnight pranks of all time. Jimmy Kimmel shared both videos on his ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now the public is asked the question, who pranked Jimmy Kimmel best: Britney Spears or Rihanna? You can see the full video of Britney Spears as she pranks Jimmy Kimmel above.

Britney’s prank quickly rose to the top of YouTube’s top trends and the publicity isn’t hurting any as she is releasing her ninth studio album Glory on August 26. According to the Huffington Post, back in April 2015, Rihanna and her team woke a sleeping Jimmy up with a rendition of “B*tch Better Have My Money.” You can see the video of Rihanna pranking Jimmy Kimmel below.

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney serves as the show’s co-head writer and was behind both pranks.

There are plenty of similarities between Britney Spears’ prank and Rihanna’s, but the differences are quickly discerned. First, Rihanna did climb on Jimmy Kimmel’s bed, but only to shine a light in his face, throw money at him, and whack him upside the head with a pillow. In Rihanna’s prank, it appeared more aggressive and in theme with the song that played in the background. Rihanna looked how you would imagine someone to appear if they woke you up at 1 a.m. demanding their money. Another main difference between Britney Spears’ prank and Rihanna’s prank is that Britney’s male dancers climbed on the bed while Rihanna’s dancers remained dancing on the floor.

Jimmy Kimmel spoke about the incident on his show.

“If you watch this show with any regularity, you know that I’m a great lover of pranks. Mostly I like them when they’re on other people. But I can also appreciate when a good one is pulled on me. Last year, for April Fool’s, Rihanna broke into my house and jumped on my bed, and started singing in the middle of the night. And of course I changed the locks, but somehow it’s happened again. This time the culprit was another music superstar, and my wife who again conspired against me. They assembled a team of dancers and they marched them up to my bedroom, in the middle of the night.”

Jimmy Kimmel then played the video for his audience who subsequently laughed in hysterics.

Britney and her team walked up the stairs and entered his home. She turned towards the camera, whispered that they had a surprise for Jimmy, then gave the thumbs up.

Britney entered Kimmel’s bedroom, followed by five shirtless and scantily clad male dancers, and then the fun began. The music played and another man was covered in lights and became a portable, human disco globe. Jimmy’s room was full of colorful lights and he quickly opened his eyes. “Make Me” was playing loud and the dancers formed a semi-circle around Jimmy’s bed while Britney began dancing. It’s a good thing Jimmy’s wife was in on the prank, because it didn’t take long for Britney to make her way to Jimmy’s bed. This is the stuff of many fantasies, and Jimmy looked dismayed and perplexed. That didn’t stop Britney though, as she continued dancing on his bed.

After a few head rolls, two of the male dancers can be seen lifting up one of the guys and they carried him to the bed. The dancers and Britney made gestures as if they were stroking his face. Jimmy can be seen shielding himself with his pillow. The men put the dancer down, and two other dancers took to Jimmy’s bed and began dancing as if straddling him. Jimmy didn’t appear too interested, but his curiosity seemed piqued once Britney rolled over on the bed and began singing to him. Jimmy appeared to be awake, but the fun had ended and Britney and her entourage quickly left the room and said goodbye.

Jimmy was full of politeness and thanked them for coming by, looked around the room, and wondered aloud as to the whereabouts of his wife.

Fans seemed to enjoy the prank, especially the end when Britney yelled out that she was sorry, then realized the couple had a sleeping child in the home.

Jimmy put on a robe, gave Britney a hug, and sent her on her way.

What did you think of the prank? Who do you think pranked Jimmy Kimmel the best: Rihanna or Britney?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ABC]