‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Clues In Season 1 ‘Murder House’?

Does American Horror Story: Murder House give the clues to the setting of American Horror Story Season 6? This isn’t just based on the teasers that seem to show the monster baby from the first season but also from words from Sarah Paulson’s Billie Dean.

Cast your minds back to Murder House. Billie told the tale of the Lost Colony of Roanoke while discussing ways of banishing spirits. She said it wasn’t easy, and the last time it was done was in 1590.

The latest photos from TMZ hint that American Horror Story Season 6 could certainly focus on this real-life mystery. Billie says that it was a native tribe’s elder who uttered the word “Croatoan” to banish the ghosts from the island.

Violet does try the curse word out on Chad’s ghost, but it doesn’t work. Is it possible that Billie was wrong in the story and this is what Season 6 will venture into? Will we find out just what really happened and how the story was changed?

Many of the other teasers and photos do hint at other ideas. At one point, American Horror Story fans speculated that Charles Manson would play a part in the upcoming season. There were also theories of the antichrist or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre due to sounds and comments made over the last year.

All we know for sure is that Ryan Murphy is excellent at keeping details quiet. Not even the full cast has been confirmed. We have no idea if Sarah Paulson will return or whether the rumors that Taissa and Vera Farmiga being part of the show are true. We know that the show returns on September 14, but not the setting or any of the characters.

This has led to fans discussing theories a lot more and sharing rumors and speculations on social media. Has it been a smart move for Murphy? It is one of the most talked-about shows, with just over a month to go until the American Horror Story Season 6 premiere. Promos, teasers, and photos are constantly being shared on social media as soon as they are released.

Something we do know is that American Horror Story will be set mostly in the present and feature flashes to the past. If the Roanoke storyline is the actual setting, it could still mean that Murder House gave away some of the clues. Billie may believe that the spirits were all banished from the island, but they still walk. A new set of visitors may find that out the hard way, as we get to see flashes of that story of the native tribe’s elder and what really happened to the colonists.

This goes against the clue that Murphy gave at Paley Fest when he said that he was working on a season with children. According to Movie News Guide, he also said that he was working on two separate storylines for American Horror Story Season 6. Is it possible that one will involve children and the other involves the island?

It could also be possible that the children on the island in the past hold the clues to the story. They may be the ones who still walk the island, with only the adult ghosts being removed by the native tribes. The flashbacks during Murder House only show adult ghosts surrounding the natives after all.

American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere on September 14 on FX. Only then will we find out if Season 1 Murder House gave away the clues to the storyline this whole time or whether the photos have been a ruse.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]