Kim Richard Wants Huge Salary To Appear On ‘RHOBH’: How Much Is She Asking For?

Kim Richards is not on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills full-time anymore. It turns out that she is hoping she can get back on the show again, but Kim wants a really big paycheck to do it. Life & Style Magazine shared that Kim Richards knows Lisa Vanderpump gets a big paycheck for the show, and she thinks she is worth almost as much as her.

Lisa Vanderpump gets $2 million per season on RHOBH, and Kim is wanting close to that amount. Kim thinks that she can get $1.5 million to be on the show again. That isn’t all, though. Kim also wants extra money for coming to do the reunion taping.

An insider shared that Kim Richards will only be a friend of the cast on this season. That doesn’t come with a huge paycheck at all. Kim would only get $150,000 or so if that’s the spot she has on the show. This won’t be anywhere near the $1.5 million that Kim is hoping for, and it also won’t be full-time either.

The source went on to explain that Kim Richards thinks that they really need her on the show for drama. Yolanda Hadid is now gone from the show, and they are going to need someone to spice things up.

The insider went on to say, “Kim is absolutely delusional if she thinks producers are going to give her anywhere near Lisa’s huge paycheck.”

E! Online shared that her sister Kyle Richards will appear on an upcoming episode of Hollywood Medium. In this episode, her late mom will tell her all about how she needs to let go of all of the guilt she feels over her sister Kim and the things that have gone on in the past. Tyler Henry actually shared what her mom had to say.

“The feeling with this is like, ‘I dealt with this but I don’t think other women in the family are gonna deal with this issue to the extent that I dealt with it. She’s not wanting you to feel like when she passed away that it was your responsibility to take care of your sister. And that’s the number one thing I could possibly say that I feel like you need to hear. The way that it comes across is like, know regardless what she would’ve encouraged in life she’s coming through and saying like, ‘I know the depth of the situation. She understands your sister more because she understands herself more. And she understands your sister’s psychology a little bit more now that your mom’s been able to go through a transition and understand some elements of her life and the things that she dealt with. So that’s a burden that she wants you to be able to let go of and not feel like you to have to you know hold on to in any way.”

After that, Tyler will tell Kyle Richards something that makes her break down in tears. It is hard for Kyle to deal with all of this, but now that she knows her mom doesn’t want her feeling bad about Kim, things might be a little easier on her.

Are you surprised to hear how much Kim Richards wants to be on the reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Do you feel like Kim should get paid this much on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss RHOBH when it returns to Bravo. The show will be back, but it doesn’t look like Kim Richards will be on there more than once in a while. Bravo doesn’t seem ready to give up the money she is looking for to be on the reality series.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]