Pubic Hair Tamale: Florida Eatery Swears It Was Just A String

A Florida woman was allegedly served a tasty tamale with an unwanted dash of pubic hair, according to UPI. Julie Mraz, who was celebrating her 50th birthday Luna’s Mexican Restaurant, was shocked, horrified, and ultimately nauseated to learn that a stowaway from someone’s crotch had made it into her entree. The eatery, meanwhile, claims the woman is wrong in her assessment of the offending object. Instead of a pubic hair, the restaurant states that it’s just a string.

Upon detecting the unexpected birthday surprise in her tamale, Mraz reportedly “took a tissue” and “spit it out.” She added, “I don’t mean to be graphic but it was not a hair that comes from the head. I went and got sick in the bathroom.”

Luna’s Mexican Restaurant’s general manager is convinced the object discovered in Mraz’s mouth wasn’t a pubic hair. In fact, the mysterious item was nothing more than a string from the corn used in the dish she was consuming at the time. Mraz, of course, doesn’t agree with this assessment.

The Frisky reports the unhappy customer took her complaint all the way to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Concerned about the patron’s allegations, an investigation into the matter was soon launched. Although officials didn’t find any rogue pubic hairs, they did discover quite a few roaches. I’m honestly not sure which is worse.

Regarding the infestation, the Luna’s manager assured WTSP that everything is now a-okay at the restaurnt. “We’ve been working with a company for about a year. We’ve been treating all that, but other than that, everything is OK,” the manager explained. As for Julie Mraz: “It was a minor issue. We had to shut it down for 24 hours, but nothing bad. As you can see, we are back in business and that’s all that really matters.”

Would you return to the restaurant where you found a pubic hair in your tamale?