Popinator Shoots Popcorn Into Your Mouth From 15 Feet Away

Are you bored with the way you normally eat popcorn? Then maybe you should consider investing in the Popinator, a voice activated machine that launches popcorn directly into your mouth — from up to 15 feet away.

The fantastic popcorn cannon is made by Popcorn Indiana, a company that is seeking to reach the next level of popcorn technology, reports The New York Daily News.

The Popinator is a voice activated, fully automated popcorn cannon. To activated it, all you have to do is say “Pop!” From there, the device determines the sound’s origin, locates the speaker’s mouth, and shoots popcorn in that direction. Barry, VP of Operations of Popcorn Indiana, states:

“One thing that never changes about popcorn is how people eat it, how they get it in their mouths, whether it’s directly from a bag or from a bowl — that hasn’t changed. But how cool would it be if you could change the way people eat popcorn.”

CNet notes that the machine uses a binaural microphone system to determine exactly where it is supposed to aim. While the Popinator will likely not show up on store shelves anytime in the near future, it will most likely be a big hit with gamers and football fans who are too busy with controllers or watching the game to bother with moving their hand to get popcorn.

You can also train the popcorn cannon to respond to a bark or respond to any other sound.

Check out more information about the Popinator in the video below: