Orlando Bloom Joins The Extraordinary League Of Hollywood Bare-All Actors

Plutarc Sicat

Orlando Bloom has been seen by the whole world with his recent full frontal nudity on Twitter, according to the New York Daily News. The Pirates of the Carribean star has effectively shut down the internet with his recent bold action. Now the last few weeks' big stories, such as the continuing Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston romance, as well as Kim Kardashian West's expose on Taylor Swift, have become mere memories. So the big question is, has Orlando accomplished his objective, whatever it may be?

About three weeks ago, TMZ caught Orlando Bloom with his shirt off while playing cornhole with his buddies at Malibu Beach. Although it generated a considerable amount of publicity in the Twitterverse, perhaps it fell below his expectations?

The timing could not have been more perfect for a full frontal act. Orlando Bloom's sparring partner has been upping the ante on her own publicity. Katy Perry has a brand new single to sell, and accordingly, the pop princess sang "Rise" at the recent Democratic National Convention.

So we could rule this out as the main motive, even though doing some publicity this early can't hurt. PDA can also be ruled out of the possible explanations for Orlando Bloom going stark naked. This is because the duo has engaged in PDA in the past, although this time around it was non-stop, observes The Inquisitr.

Some media outlets suggest that the star's nudity is an escalation of sorts. For example, Just Jared has a full gallery of Orlando Bloom wearing only pants, shorts, or swimming trunks. Following this line of reasoning, the Hobbit star has finally decided to reveal everything. Like Legolas, the character he plays in the movie, Orlando has used all of his arrows.

With Orlando Bloom's brave new act, he joins the extraordinary league of actors who have left nothing to the imagination at least once. Pop Sugar lists 12 such actors.

Daniel Craig has done it once on Twitter and at least twice in the movies (Some Voices and Casino Royale), according to Village Voice and Socialite Life, respectively. Meanwhile, Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson assures us that her co-star Jamie Dornan will likewise go stark naked in Fifty Shades of Darker, according to the Inquisitr.

In summary, there are now 15 actors who have done the full frontal rite of passage. This is definitely great news for the Hollywood double standard in full frontal nudity, which, as Pop Sugar articulates, makes actresses bare it all while exempting actors from doing so.

The said malpractice is so rampant in Game of Thrones, says the Daily Beast. To date, six cast members have expressed their opposition, as follows.

So what are your thoughts on Orlando Bloom's total nudity? Should it be condemned, or is it worthy of emulation from Tinseltown's male artists? Feel free to leave your comments below.