WWE News: Kevin Owens To Get A Shot At The Main Event Scene Before 'WrestleMania 33'

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens has had quite a first year in WWE. While in WWE NXT, he won the NXT Championship and held it for quite a while before eventually dropping it to Finn Balor. He would then go on to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice. He is in a position of power at this point, as WWE RAW, while a bit crowded, is by no means as crowded as it once was. In order for Owens to succeed, he needed this brand split, and it may pay off well for him.

Kevin Owens has been liked by management, and at one point, there were rumors of Owens winning the Money in the Bank. Of course, WWE would have Dean Ambrose win it, who would cash it in on Seth Rollins the same night he won the case to become the WWE Champion. Owens could still win the briefcase next year, but there are various possibilities for him before then. According to the Daily Wrestling News, the company remains high on Owens, and they are expected to use him more in the coming months.

DWN claims the feeling is that Kevin Owens could be in the main event scene before WrestleMania 33. That does not mean that he will main event WrestleMania 33. However, the plan is for Owens to be part of the top end of the WWE RAW roster by then.

Owens MITB case
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This would make a lot of sense in theory, as the need for top heels is big right now for RAW. While Seth Rollins remains the top heel on the brand, there are not a lot of top stars below him as the second-tier heel.

Right now, WWE United States Champion Rusev is the default number two, but Kevin Owens could be considered the same thing. As of now, the plan is to give Finn Balor the win at WWE SummerSlam, crowning him the new WWE Universal Champion. If WWE keeps Balor a babyface, he may feud with Rollins for a little while and then work with Kevin Owens toward the end of the year. The two could very well fight for the championship before or at the Royal Rumble event.

This would renew their rivalry from NXT, where the two fought over the NXT Title. It would also be interesting to see how Owens takes to Balor winning a World Title right as he comes into WWE. If Balor were to win the WWE Universal Title, WWE's newest World Title, he would win the championship faster than most anyone who has ever come to WWE. Few have ever won a World Title the same year they debuted, much less within their first month.

Owens Zayn
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While Owens had one heck of a first year with two Intercontinental Championships, this would easily be trumped by Balor's one World Title win at the second biggest event of the year. The storyline writes itself in theory, but it also makes some real-life sense as well. A lot of the time, people don't really get why WWE puts people in certain storylines. However, due to the rivalry out of NXT and Owens' jealousy over Balor's World Title win, it would make perfect sense for a rivalry to pop up between them.

The one real worry for Kevin Owens and the WWE may be health. Another issue may be, for fans at least, that there could be a switch in roles being made. Balor very well could go heel, and if that is the case, Owens immediately loses a chance at the title as long as he remains a heel himself. Changes being made or injuries can always be a worry. Last year, and even into this year, some of the top names in the business went down due to injuries. Roles had to be switched a bit, and titles were being thrown around and put on people who didn't need them. Kevin Owens' worry for being at the top may hinge on this alone.

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