‘Little People, Big World’ Fakery: Proof Molly Roloff Faked Job Announcement

A lot of reality shows are accused of being fake and now Little People, Big World is dealing with this happening once again. Recently Molly Roloff announced that she got a new job, but now it turns out that this announcement was fake. She really did get the job, but not at the time that she told her family about it. Radar Online shared the details about how Jacob Roloff revealed that this was fake without even realizing that he did it.

Not long ago, Jacob Roloff shared that his family is playing characters on the show. Jacob used to be a part of Little People, Big World, but he has quit being on the show all together now. On the reality series this week, the Roloff’s got together for a party for Molly’s college graduation at the family’s Oregon farm. During the party, Molly stood up and shared exciting news that she got a new job. Molly shared about her job saying it was, “At an accounting firm in Spokane, so I will be staying in Spokane.” Molly has been going to college there, so she will just be making it her permanent home now.

Her dad, Matt Roloff, is proud of her, but he goes on to say, “It’s very bittersweet announcement … I just always expected that she would gravitate close by.” It turns out that Molly will be starting to work somewhere else, but the thing is the Roloff family found this out months ago.

Jacob Roloff went to his Instagram page and shared a picture of them together at Molly’s graduation. Along with the picture, he shared a caption that explains that she already had this job for a while now. Here is what he said on the post.

“My sister graduated summa cum laude — with the highest distinction — and had a job lined up literally months before school ending which is really no surprise to people who know her. I’m v proud of her; she’s gonna have her own office and clients and it’s hilarious and awesome because we all knew it! Now all she needs is a dog and her life will be complete???? Good luck????⭐️!!”

The thing to remember is that Molly Roloff had graduated before the party happened, but the show was filmed a while ago. It sounds like everyone already knew about her job before the party. Some fans are pretty upset and now speaking out on Jacob’s post about how mad they are at him. One fan, named lillyperalta, shared her thoughts.

“I’m sure it true that you all new about her new job before the episode aired with her ‘announcement’.. But us as her fans didn’t know, so maybe her announcement was for us. Why try to ruin it or be negative about it @jacobroloff45? You seem so bitter and negative.. You say the show is scripted.. Well of course it’s somewhat scripted, it still needs organization after all. Stop being the Debby downer and support your family and their show..”

It is not news that reality television shows do things like this all the time. The Kardashians have been caught more than once, just like the Roloffs, filming things again that have already happened. This is the way that they can let the viewers see what happened that the cameras were not around to catch.

Are you shocked to hear that Molly Roloff faked the scene where she told her family about her job? Do you think that they shouldn’t have recreated this and instead had her just talk about the job? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC with Molly Roloff and the rest of the family.

[Image via Instagram]