Heidi Klum Considers Legal Action Over Topless Photos

Heidi Klum is threatening legal action over topless photos that were published in a French magazine, claiming that her privacy was violated, much like Kate Middleton’s.

The Klum photos have surfaced on many different websites, reports TMZ. They show the model on vacation in the south of France with her bodyguard turned boyfriend, without her bikini top.

The only problem with Klum’s lawsuit is that her legal team is not sure which French magazine published the pictures first. Sources close to the model have said that the hunt is on for the source who first published the pictures, claiming that her right to privacy was violated.

And why would they claim a privacy violation? Because Heidi was on a private, secluded beach when the pictures were taken. Heidi is reportedly even comparing her situation to that of the Duchess of Cambridge, who was photographed at a secluded chateau with her husband, Prince William.

The New York Daily News notes that, while the model and mother of four would like to take legal action immediately and sue the magazine responsible, she will need to wait until her legal team finds the original publisher. She also seems to be waiting to see what happens in Kate Middleton’s case.

Earlier this week, a court ordered that France’s Closer magazine was prohibited from posting any more Middleton photos in either print or online, with any violations resulting in fines of $13,000 for each day they are up. They will also be fined $130,000 if they sell the photos.

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are also filing a criminal complaint against the unnamed photographer. If Kate wins the case, then Heidi Klum will likely follow in her footsteps. If not, then Klum will likely still sue but learn from any mistakes made in the Middleton case.

Do you think Heidi Klum should sue over the topless photos taken of her on a private, secluded beach?