Bethenny Frankel Implies Jules Wainstein Is Hiding Something After Jules Denies Claim That She Was Divorcing Even Before Filming Began

Does Jules Wainstein have something to hide? That’s what Bethenny Frankel implied Wednesday night on Twitter. Bethenny made her allegation as she watched Jules and Dorinda Medley appear on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City aired.

During their appearance together, Jules opened up about her divorce from her husband, Michael Wainstein. She also denied Bethenny’s claim, made during her own WWHL appearance a few weeks ago, that she and Michael were divorcing even before filming for the latest season began.

When a viewer asked Bethenny for confirmation that she knew that Jules’ marriage was in trouble even before she publicly announced the divorce, Bethenny confirmed it. Bethenny then added that that Jules is quiet because of “her side of the street.”

When several people asked Bethenny what she meant by that, one person said that it means that Jules’ side of the street isn’t exactly clean, i.e. Jules is guilty of something that she’s trying to hide.

Bethenny also seemingly said that a scene that Jules had is confirmation that she was faking the marriage while filming.

Some people criticized Bethenny for her tweets. They told her that she should not comment on other people’s marriages.

In June, Jules Wainstein confirmed that she and Michael were divorcing and that the reason for the divorce is infidelity on his part. Jules, in her announcement, said that she was blindsided by Michael’s betrayal. On WWHL on Wednesday night, Jules confirmed that she and Michael are still living together, that the divorce is proceeding, and that the other woman is someone she knows. When Andy asked Jules if she had any suspicions, Jules said no. Co-star and good friend Dorinda added that they never had any late-night phone conversations in which Jules voiced any suspicions about Michael cheating on her.

Andy then brought up the fact that when Bethenny Frankel was on WWHL, she said that she knew that Jules and Michael were divorcing even before the season began filming through a mutual friend of theirs. Jules said that she and Bethenny have no mutual friends. Jules and Dorinda then joked that Bethenny knows everything and perhaps that she can even see dead people.

Bethenny jokingly tweeted that she does know it all.

Bethenny also tweeted that there is so much more that she knows and seemingly threatened Jules and Dorinda to challenge her.

During Bethenny’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which took place right after Jules announced her divorce, Bethenny dropped the bombshell that she knew that Jules was divorcing even before Season 8 began filming. When Andy asked Bethenny if she saw the divorce coming, Bethenny said that was told that it was happening before Jules and Michael came on the show.

“I mean I was told before they came on the show that it was happening. Yes.”

Bethenny also said that she saw signs of the divorce when filming with Jules and Michael.

“Yes I did. They came over to my house a couple of times and I kind of talked to them a little bit but it wasn’t on the show.”

When Jules joined the current season, she was introduced as Dorinda’s friend. She was portrayed as a devoted stay-at-home to two young children who was married to a financial executive, Michael. Throughout the season so far, Jules has been shown complaining about Michael’s lack of help around the house and with the kids. On Wednesday night’s episode, Jules had an uncomfortable conversation with Michael when she learned that Michael had sent the children off to the Hamptons when she was with the other women in Miami. Jules wished that Michael had spent time with their children and taken care of them, rather than just sending them off. Despite their squabbles, there has no talk about divorce or any cheating.

Currently, Jules is portraying herself on social media as a woman trying to re-build her life as a single mom and with a business of her own.

If Bethenny’s claim is true, that Jules and Michael already made the decision to divorce even before they began filming with the cast, then that means they were just faking the marriage for Jules to have a story line, that of a woman who gets blinded by cheating and then tries to re-build her life. Why would Michael go along with that?

Perhaps there will be more talk about Jules Wainstein’s divorce and Bethenny Frankel’s claim about the timeline on the upcoming The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion show? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the reunion show finished filming, Jules commented that she got to speak her mind while Bethenny admitted that she “went NeNe Leakes on the mofo.”

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