August 7, 2016
New Details In Murder Of Roswell Teens Who Were Gunned Down Behind Publix

Police officials arrested 20-year-old Jeffrey A. Hazelwood for the murders of two Roswell teens, who were found dead outside a supermarket, according to 11 Alive.

At about 6 a.m. Monday, August 1, a delivery driver discovered two dead bodies behind a Publix on Woodstock Road.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they transported the bodies to a local coroner's office.

The medical examiner identified the bodies as two 17-year-old high school students, Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis, who were to begin their senior year this month.

Henderson was a student at Roswell High School, while Davis attended River Ridge High School.

After an autopsy, the medical examiner determined their cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

After receiving information about the Roswell teens' deaths, including cell phone records and surveillance footage, investigators obtained a warrant early Wednesday morning to search Hazelwood's home, which is located on Gilhams Road, just off of Mabry Road.

Roswell police took three hours rummaging through the home. Witnesses watched as officers "walked out of the home with bags," but it was not immediately clear on what evidence was found at the suspects' home.

However, police arrested Hazelwood later that day on two counts of murder, according to WSB-TV.

Nearly a week after Hazelwood reportedly gunned down the Roswell teens behind a Publix, new details have emerged in the murder case.

Roswell police officials believe Hazelwood followed the teens behind the Publix store before fatally shooting them.

Afterward, the suspect reportedly stole Henderson's wallet and used her "debit card at a Flash Foods gas station seven miles away" from the murder scene.

Jumper cables were also stolen from Davis' vehicle.

The murders shocked the community, including Hazelwood's neighbors, who said he was known as a "kind and sweet person."

Publix released the following statement: "The Publix family sends our thoughts and prayers to the families of those affected by this loss of life."
"Unfortunately, we cannot comment on anything further because this is an open investigation. Thanks for the opportunity to share our condolences.
One neighbor said, "It's just hard to believe. I just don't picture Jeff doing that. He was quiet, polite, and just a nice kid."

Another neighbor, Charlene Kurkjian, said: "This is a very middle/upper-class neighborhood. So this is very alarming actually. Even to hear the news, but to have this right around in our neighborhood is very surprising."

Family and friends described Davis as a "bright, generous, and outstanding student." He was a part of the lacrosse team, as well as the football team, and had a "passion for music and a thirst for life."

Lacrosse Coach Mike Britt said, "He, in many ways, was like a coach on the field. In fact, we sometimes joked and called him Coach Carter."

"Our team is just devastated."
A vigil was held Tuesday night, where hundreds gathered to remember one of the Roswell teens found dead behind Publix.
"Our beautiful shining girl: Natalie, a rising senior at Roswell High School, was smart, funny, sassy, and strong, a free spirit with a gorgeous smile that could make your day or your week," Henderson's obituary reads.
"She was a leader in the award-winning Color Guard of the Roswell High School Band, a lifeguard for Swim Atlanta, a talented singer, a guitar player, and a lover of animals who volunteered countless hours to animal rescue."
"Natalie had a loving heart and an infectious zest for life," the obituary continued. "Unusual for one so young, she had the courage to always be, unapologetic, herself. Natalie will forever be loved and missed by all whose lives she touched."

Henderson's funeral was held at the Roswell Presbyterian Church on Friday, August 5 at 10 a.m.

Although police arrested Hazelwood for the Roswell teens' murder, investigators have yet to uncover the suspect's relationship with Davis and Henderson or a motive for the killing, but an investigation is ongoing.

However, Hazelwood is being held at Fulton county jail.

He made his first court appearance Friday, August 5, and has another court date scheduled later this month.

[Image via Roswell Police Department]