'American Horror Story' Season 6 Confirms Cuba Gooding Jr., New Haunted House

Nick Younker

American Horror Story is returning to its American roots and giving fans a whole new haunted house, but it will not be the same that was in Murderhouse from Season 1 of the horror anthology show on FX. Instead, this haunted house will be new to fans of American Horror Story, and actresses Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett will have specific scenes in this house from historical perspectives.

The new pictures of the American Horror Story haunted house have surfaced on celebrity gossip website TMZ, and they show that the new house will connect directly to the new theme for the season, which will somehow link to the ancient lost colony of Roanoke that mysteriously vanished in the late 16th century in North Carolina.

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The theme for Season 6 of American Horror Story, which deals directly with the lost Roanoke colony, gives its own twist on the mysterious true accounts of the disappearance of 118 men, women, and children, all of whom vanished without a trace with only one clue left behind as to what may have happened to them.

Other set photos that TMZ has released from the American Horror Story Season 6 set include pictures of a specific name branded into a tree, which was the word "Croatoan." That word alone has sparked mystery and intrigue amongst producers of popular fiction over the years, and it has been used to make stories of mystery, horror, and science fiction more tense and scary.

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The new haunted house in Season 6 of American Horror Story was a labor of love for producers of the FX show. Not only did they work meticulously to fine-tune the house for four months, but they also gave it a certain amount of authenticity that only a major network show can pull off. Reports indicate that the house in American Horror Story has already been used in scenes that include performances from Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.

One other big reveal for Season 6 of American Horror Story is that Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. has been cast in a role for this season. Gooding also played a role in creator Ryan Murphy's other anthology series on FX, American Crime Story, where he portrayed the titular role of O.J. Simpson.

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Season 6 of American Horror Story has had some major changes made to it over the past few months, and only a few of the smaller details have been leaked to the press. Some of those details include a premiere date that is nearly a whole month ahead of its normal premiere dates.

Instead of getting an October premiere date, Season 6 of American Horror Story will premiere on September 14. There has also been a little bit of information released that Season 6 of American Horror Story will be only 10 episodes instead of 13, which is the standard for the FX show.

Fans should not be alarmed by the shortened season of American Horror Story this year because there have also been reports that the show will now be featuring two seasons this year, which includes a fall and spring season. That means there is a good chance American Horror Story Season 6 could end up with 20 episodes, although that has not been confirmed at this point.

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There has also been news that Season 6 of American Horror Story will be dealing directly with children in some way and that Tate Langdon may be making an appearance this year as well. Tate Langdon was the character from Season 1 of American Horror Story played by AHS alum and series veteran Evan Peters.

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